04 July 2012 Celery Lane is Wrong

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Fox Lower Bourne GU10 3PH
Not only were Mengo out cycling but so were the local Scouts. Caused a bit of confusion but Mengo eventually went in the pub and left the Scouts to their hut.
We were delivered short measures but as the barmaid was ‘nice’ ROC let her off top up duty. It was a case of two Dizzy Blondes behind the bar but we only got to try one.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Morland Old Golden Hen 4.1 £3.40 3 Nice enough start
Robinson’s Dizzy Blonde 3.8 £3.40 3 Refreshing
Greene King IPA 3.6 £3.15 - Tried? You are joking

Bat & Ball Boundstone GU10 4SA

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Despite it’s out of the way location, the pub was its usual busy self with the Wednesday Women’s Diners. PV and SH decided to try the Cottage and found the brewery had tried hard and managed to turn out a beer worse than the Itchin Valley. Fortunately, the other beers on were much nicer, with the Hammerpot just winning the best beer vote.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Itchin Valley Summer Breeze 4 £3.20 3 True Hampshire taste
Cottage Blaze of Glory 4.1 £3.20 3 Worse than Hampshire
Langham Sundowner 4.2 £3.30 3.5 FN; not as good as HPA
Hammerpot HPA 4.2 £3.40 3.5 Really good Pale Ale
Bowman Swift One 3.8 £3.15 3 It was a twee very nice

Sandrock Boundstone GU10 4NS

Pub Location Post Code
If SH had only known we would end up here he would have ordered some Black Pudding Scotch eggs from Carol. As it was we ended up with crisps. Visited by some sprayed on trousers but after she and her escort saw the company they only stayed for one. The local law had it you finished with the Sharp’s beer even if it was weaker than the rest because it had more taste. Whether the local was right or not, the Cornish was in stunning form and the best beer of the night.

Brewer Beer % Price Mark Comment
Sharp’s Cornish Coaster 3.6 £3.10 4 Stunning
Bowman Swift One 3.8 £3.40 3.5 Excellent
Triple fff Moondance 4.2 £3.40 3.5 Ripper – well made PV fart
Exmoor Gold 4.5 £3.20 3.5 Did not disappoint
Hop Back Summer Lightning 5 £3.40 3 Not as good as the rest