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Guildford - 23rd December 20006



Round the World - Guildford 23rd December 2006

With a number of the newer members of the Round the World club never
having had the pleasure of a trip to Guildford and the older club
members not having visited the city for some time we decided to
travel close to home this year.

George Abbot

Known as The Greyhound in a previous incarnation, this pub has now
donned the corporate cloak of many other Greene King pubs countrywide
fake beams and wood paneling abound.

Brewer/Beer    Country  %  Style Price Comment
Leffe Blond    Belgium 6.6 Blond £1.70 Draught half pint

White House

A new establishment since our last visit. High ceilings and large
windows give an airy atmosphere to this Fuller’s tie.

Brewer/Beer            Country  %  Style Price Comment
Peroni Nastro Azzurro  Italy   5.2 Pils	 £2.80 Bottle


One of our old favorites, the heart has now been ripped out of this
Guilford landmark. It is now a one bar gastro pub complete with
bloody kids. But does have Erdinger Weissebier on draft, which we
would have tried if we had been on the ball when ordering.

Brewer/Beer  Country  %  Style Price Comment
Corona Extra Mexico  4.6 Pils  £2.88 Bottle


The Jolly Farmer as was. Again, has been converted into a single bar
gastro experience but this time you can watch them cook as well as
smell the fat.

Brewer/Beer  Country  %  Style   Price  Comment
Becks        Germany 5.0 Pilsner £1.50  Draught half pint

King Head

Wow, still a pub you could recognize from our youth! Unfortunately
you have to pay highly for the privilege of your feet sticking to the

Brewer/Beer      Country    %  Style Price Comment
Victoria Bitter  Australia 4.9 None  £3.00 Bottle

The Two Brewers aka The Three Tuns is now Mustard. Fortunately for us
it did not open until the evening.

Royal Oak

This pub was unchanged but that may only be because it is a listed
building! Friendly regulars and even friendlier dogs.

Brewer/Beer Country   %  Style  Price Comment
San Miguel  Spain    4.5 Pils   £2.75 Bottle

Robin Hood

An original pub with original staff. Died red hair, OK, but on a
middle-aged bloke! Still all very friendly if a little strange.

Brewer/Beer  Country  %  Style  Price  Comment
Brahma       Brazil  5.0 Pils   £2.80  Bottle


One side of the house, the sitting room, on the other, the dinning
room. Rip it apart and hey presto, a pub. Of sorts. Don’t forget your
mobile and four-wheel drive.

Brewer/Beer       Country         %  Style   Price Comment
Budweiser Budvar  Czech Republic 5.0 Pilsner £3.00 Bottle

Three Pigeons

16th. Century listed town center pub with restaurant upstairs. Lively
and accommodating.

Brewer/Beer             Country   %  Style Price Comment
Huyghe Van Diest Fruli  Belgium  4.1 Fruit £3.00 Bottle


Sports bar. Gas fired pizza oven. Absolute dive.

Brewer/Beer Country         %  Style    Price Comment
Staropramen Czech Republic 5.0 Pilsner  £1.55 Draught half pint


Two bar pub converted into a one bar beer café. At least eight
foreign beers on draught including Maredsous Blond, which was
unfortunately unavailable at the time of our visit. Must go back when
sober and find out what bottled beer is available.

Brewer/Beer         Country  %  Style   Price Comment
Paulaner            Germany 4.9 Pilsner £1.50 Draught half pint
Spaten Franziskaner Germany 5.0 Weisse  £1.90 Draught half pint


Multi level drinking experience. Same as all the others; good choice
of beer at reasonable prices.

Brewer/Beer  Country         %  Style   Price Comment
Baltika      Russia         4.8 Pilsner	      Draught half pint
Herold       Czech Republic 5.0 Pilsner	      Bottle

Post script

The group had started to disintegrate before Weatherspoons with the
heavyweight leaving after The Drummond for a strict appointment.
The rest aimed for the Garden Gate to finish off. DF and MG decided
to go via North Camp, as they knew Steve would be there to whisk them
to the pub before the others had a chance to walk from Aldershot
station. Quite surprising really as Steve was unaware of the

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Updated on 01/03/2007 06:55 PM by drinking
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