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GU34 Minibus Trip - 18th April 2007




A lovely spring evening and just the kind of weather required for a
trip into the Hampshire countryside to visit a few village pubs
without having to worry about driving.
However, before we joined the minibus, we just had time for a swift
one in Alton.

Kings Head - Alton - SU 716 393

A busy town center pub just off Market Square. Have been previously
impressed with the beer quality and were not disappointed this time

Brewer      Beer         %  Price Mark Comment
Hogs Back   Spring Call 4.0 £2.50 3.5  Very light and refreshing
Marston’s   Pedigree    4.5 £2.50      Not tried
Courage     Best        4.0 £2.50      Not tried

A short wait while the driver, Dave, checked out the rather
dilapidated ex Treloars minibus and it was off to our first port of

Castle of Comfort - Medstead - SU 654 372

The landlady and locals make you welcome in this comfortable village
pub, located just behind the church. Always has Hook Norton
available, which is reason enough for a visit.

Brewer      Beer         %  Price Mark Comment
Hook Norton Best Bitter 3.4 £2.40 3.5  Very nice
Courage     Best        4.0 £2.60      Not tried
Greene King IPA         3.7 £2.50      Really, is it worth trying?
Courage     Directors   4.8 £2.80      Not tried

Star - Bentworth - SU 665 402

A comfortable village pub with separate dining room. There is a 
trong emphasis on music regular live bands on in the public bar.

Brewer     Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Triple fff Moondance    4.2 £2.70 3.5  Good premium bitter
Stonehenge Pigswill     4.0 £2.60  4   A frequent visitor
Ringwood   Best         3.8 £2.50  3   Good standard bitter
Fuller’s   London Pride 4.1 £2.70      Not tried

Sun - Bentworth - SU 670 402

Although it is more of a restaurant than a pub it still manages to
have a range of up to 8 real ales available. Maz thought the landlady
was rather pushy. Bit pricey too.

Brewer         Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Badger         Hopping Hare 4.0 £2.80  4   Well hopped
Timothy Taylor Landlord     4.2 £2.80  4   Still one to beat
Stonehenge     Pigswill     4.0 £2.70      Doing the rounds
Ringwood       Best         3.8 £2.70      Not tried
Ringwood       Fortyniner   4.9 £2.80      Not tried
Gales          HSB          4.8 £2.80      Not tried

Royal Oak - Lasham - SU 676 426

Green pub. Friendly landlord.

Brewer	Beer                   %  Price Mark Comment
Harveys	Sussex Best           4.0 £2.60 3.5  Great beer
Stonehenge     Sign of Spring 4.6 £2.60 3.5  Green colour. Not much flavour given the strength
Ringwood       Best           3.8 £2.50      Not tried
Gales          HSB            4.8 £2.70      Not tried
Triple fff     Moondance                     Not tried

Eight Bells - Alton - SU 718 346

As we were getting the train back the driver dropped us of at Alton
church on the way back, which gave us time to visit a couple more
pubs in Alton.

Phil was in a good mood and we had quite a chat about this and that.
Filled him in about Stumpy’s brewery and we both agreed Bowman’s were
quite stunning beers. Phil believes Ballard’s has changed the recipe
for Best and it is the worse for it.

Brewer    Beer               %  Price Mark Comment
Vale      Grumbling Premium 4.6 £2.60  3   Um
Bowman    Swift One         3.8 £2.30  4   Glorious
Ballard’s Best              4.2	£2.30      Not quite what it was?
Sharps    Sharps Own        4.4 £2.40      Not tried 
Ringwood  Best              3.8 £2.30      Not tried

Railway Arms - Alton - SU 722 398

Much the same as usual. Good selection of Triple fff and guest beers.
By the time we arrived the bikers had gone and just a few locals were
about. PV then got quiet confused over whether he was drinking
Moondance or Rock Lobster. Still worse things could happen in a pub.

Brewer     Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Triple fff Rock Lobster 4.0 £2.30  4   Or was it Moondance
Triple fff Moondance    4.2 £2.30  4   Or was it Rock Lobster
Vale       Wychert Ale  3.9 £2.30  0   End of barrel. Exchanged
Triple fff Others available            Not tried

Created on 04/22/2007 02:32 PM by drinking
Updated on 04/22/2007 03:04 PM by drinking
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