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Farnham - 26th to 28th April 2007

Thursday 26th Evening - PV, MG, ROC, KOC, TM & DF

Back to it’s normal month of April we were again blessed with some
lovely weather for Beerex 2007. The usual crowd welcomed the return
of Blue Anchor, along with some old favourites and some new breweries
to try. Much the same as the previous 30 years then but will we ever
tire of Farnham?

Brewery     Beer                  %
Beartown    Bear Ass             4.0
Big Lamp    Bitter               3.9
Blue Anchor Spingo Jubilee (IPA) 4.6
Bowman      Swift One            3.8
Cotleigh    Harrier Lite         3.5
Elgoods     Black Dog            3.6
Holt        Bitter               4.0
Jarrow      Jarrow Bitter        3.8
Naylor’s    Mother’s Best        3.9
RCH         PG Steam             3.9
Thornbridge Lord Marples         4.0
Twickenham  Original             4.2

Friday 27th Evening - PV & MV

The request for more CAMRA members to help out at Farnham did not go
unheeded and PV and MV volunteered. The free beer had nothing to do
with the decision, honest.

Brewery     Beer                %
Dark Star   Hophead            3.8
Elgoods     Pageant Ale        4.3
Hogs Back   Spring Call        4.0
Moorhouses  Black Cat          3.4
Moorhouses  Premier Bitter     3.7
RCH         East Street Cream  5.0
Twickenham  Naked Ladies       4.4
Woodforde’s Wherry Best Bitter 3.8

Saturday 28th Afternoon - PV, MG, ROC, KOC. TM, DF, PC, RN, TC & JA

Only ten of us this year but our ranks were swollen by Mike from B&T
and his crowd. It turns out that B&T had no Shefford Pale Ale at the
brewery, well not the 3.8% variety anyway, and unbeknown to the
organisers, they substituted a 5% sample instead. During the session
Mike was presented with the certificate for Best Strong Beer at last
year’s Woking Beer Festival, which they won with Black Bat.
As usual, a very good festival made all the better for the lovely
spring weather.

Brewery        Beer                     %
B&T            Shefford Pale Ale       5.0
Bath Ales      Gem Bitter              4.1
Exmoor         Hound Dog               4.0
Holt           Mild                    3.2
Harviestoun    Bitter and Twisted      3.8
Orkney         Raven Ale               3.8
Red Rock       Red Rock Bitter         4.2
Scattor Rock   Teign Valley Tipple     4.0
Thornbridge    Blackthorn Ale          4.4
West Berkshire Lunchtime Bitter        3.7
West Berkshire Dr Hexter’s Wedding Ale 4.1

Created on 05/06/2007 08:57 PM by drinking
Updated on 05/06/2007 09:12 PM by drinking
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