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Reading 3rd & 5th May 2007

Thursday 3rd Evening - ROC, PV

With Ray unable to make the Saturday session Paul V decided to join
him and his work colleagues at the opening on Thursday evening. They
seemed a good crowd but their mean natures became more evident as the
alcohol consumption increased. Ray did warn them but they still wrote
on Paul’s list!
Olaf was back with an even bigger selection of German beers than the
year before including a draught Augustiner Oktoberfest that was so
good we had to have two.
However, as Tel and Paul C were on their way to Cologne we started
with a Fruh Kolsch. Did we beat them to it?

Brewery     Beer                 %	
Andechser   Dunkles Weissbier   4.9 D
Augustiner  Dunkel Export       5.2 D
Augustiner  Heller Bock             B
Augustiner  Edelstoff           5.6 B
Augustiner  Oktoberfest         6.0 D
Fruh        Kolsch              4.9 D
Grief       Weisse              5.4 D
Keesman     Herren Pils         4.6 D
Meister     Vollbier                B
Penning     Hetzeldorfer            B
Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen    5.1 D

Mistiming our festival departure with a train home, we had time to
nip down the new micro-brewery/café/bar in Reading: Zero Degrees. Ray
was disappointed in the Weisse but the Pils Paul had was quite good.

Saturday 5th Afternoon - PV, KO

With everyone else either away in Cologne or doing something else,
the Lost Boys went to Reading. What a difference to previous years:
arriving as before at shortly after midday, instead of going strait
in we had to queue for twenty minutes! Is the festival getting too
popular necessitating admission by prior purchase of tickets?
As the afternoon wore on the atmosphere in the tent became cloudy
with dust, covering everything with a fine powder. Bit off-putting
Still, as Paul V had hoped, Olaf had rung the changes on the draught
German beer so at least one punter was happy. Those on the British
ales less so as they had already run out of many of the more unusual
The Augustiner Helles Lagerbier was outstanding and we just had to
have two to confirm its greatness.
All beers tried were draught, including the Mahrs Brau Ungespundet
(read it and weep).

Brewery     Beer                %
Augustiner  Helles Lagerbier   5.2
Augustiner  Heller Bock        7.0
Karg        Dunkles Weissebier 5.0
Mahrs Brau  Weisse             5.0
Mahrs Brau  Ungespundet        5.2
Mahrs Brau  Heller Bock        7.5
Neder       Schwarze Anna      5.2
Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen   5.1

And just to show we were not only interested in the German beers
(well really, whilst we were waiting for Olaf to put a new beer on)
 we tried something from Belgium. Very nice it was too.

Brewery   Beer                  %
Van Eecke Poperings Hommelbier 6.5

Created on 05/13/2007 09:16 PM by drinking
Updated on 01/24/2012 09:34 PM by drinking
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