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PV and TM with contributions from MD and CA

PV and TM took the 10.20 am from Aldershot and were joined by MD at
Farnham. The first part of the walk to Farringdon was the longest leg
of the day. Arriving shortly before the Rose and Crown opened we were
joined by CA who had got a lift out to Farringdon. The rest of the
walk was in easier bite size bits and went well, especially as we
were blessed with unusually dry weather for this summer.

Rose and Crown - Upper Farringdon - SU 751 351

A pleasant country pub which is, of course, food orientated. The
large garden has views towards Selborne and the lavender fields. A
free house with Adnams Bitter as it’s regular beer you should also be
able to sample beers from the local breweries, Triple fff from Four
Marks and Hogs Back from Tongham.

Brewer    Beer             %  Price Mark
Adnams    Bitter          3.7 £2.50  3
Triple f  Alton’s Pride   3.8 £2.50 3.5
Triple f  Moondance       4.2 £2.50 3.5
Hogs Back Hop Garden Gold 4.6 £2.50 3.5

Royal Oak Lower - Farringdon - SU 705 352

A32 roadside pub next to the motorcycle garage in Farringdon. Expect
a choice of Courage and Theakston Best Bitters and lots of
motorcycles. Drink related quotes adorn the walls from which it was
surprising to learn Dean Martin was an early campaigner against
drinking and driving.

Brewer    Beer  %  Price Mark Comment
Courage   Best 4.0 £2.40		
Theakston Best 3.8 £2.40   2  Cloudy and average

Greyfriar - Chawton - SU 709376

Ah, Jane Austen. Well that is enough culture; lets get back to the
beer. A Fuller’s tied house opposite Jane Austen’s house. As they
request ramblers to remove their muddy boots before entering, it is
probably best to use the large garden at the rear and send runners.
As with all Fuller’s tied houses you will gasp with amazement at the
high prices they charge for their own beers. However, they do keep a
good pint.

Brewer   Beer          %  Price Mark
Fuller’s London Pride 4.1 £2.90 3.5
Fuller’s ESB          5.5 £3.20 3.5
Gales    HSB          4.8 £2.90 3.5

French Horn - Alton - SU 711 385

Located by The Butts in Alton this free house has up to six real ales
on offer. In addition to the ubiquitous Fuller’s London Pride and
Courage Best you will also be able to try the more rare Caledonian
Deuchars IPA and Butcombe Bitter. Large front garden, not under but
adjacent to the bridges taking the Watercress Line trains on their
journey from Alton to Four Marks and Alresford. Avoid the crisps
unless you are happy with £1.10 a packet!

Brewer     Beer          %  Price Mark
Caledonian Deuchars IPA 3.8 £2.70  3
Butcombe   Bitter       4.0 £2.60 3.5
Fuller’s   London Pride 4.1 £2.80	
Courage    Best         4.0 £2.50	
Wadworth   6X           4.3 £2.70	
Adnams     Broadside    4.7 £2.90 3.5

Kings Head - Alton - SU 716 393

A ‘proper’ pub just off the Market Square. Any pub that has Neil
Young on the jukebox cannot be faulted; so we won’t. As well as the
Courage Best it will usually have two guest beers, often from Hogs
Back. This time it was TEA and Summer Ale.
Brewer Beer        %  Price Mark
Courage   Best       4.0 £2.50	
Hogs Back TEA        4.2 £2.50 3.5
Hogs Back Summer Ale 4.2 £2.50 3.5

Eight Bells - Alton - SU 718 396

A pub worth walking at least 8 miles to visit. What do you mean, you
have! A free house opposite the parish church, Phil keeps an
excellent cellar and as well as the regulars, Ballards and Ringwood
Best, you will be able to enjoy at least three guest beers. If you
like the pub, why not visit it again over the first weekend in
September when they hold their annual beer festival with up to 20
beers to try.

Brewer     Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Ringwood   Best         3.8 £2.30		
Ballards   Best         4.2 £2.30		
Bowman     Swift One    3.8 £2.30  4	 
Stonehenge Great Dane   4.6 £2.50  4   A lager! Chris’s favorite 
Flowerpots Goodens Gold 4.8 £2.60  4	 

Railway Arms - Alton - SU 722 398

Nearly there! You can see Alton railway station from the seating
outside the pub. The first pub tied to Triple fff (the second is The
White Lion in Aldershot), it not only stocks their beers but two
guests as well. Note the cost of a pint of Alton’s Pride and compare
this with the cost of a London Pride at the Greyfriar!

Brewer          Beer              %  Price Mark
Triple f        Alton’s Pride    3.8 £2.20	
Triple f        Moondance        4.2 £2.30	
Triple f        Stairway         4.6 £2.40	
W J King        Five Generations 4.4 £2.40  3.5
Isle of Purbeck IPA              4.8 £2.50   4

Created on 07/17/2007 09:21 PM by drinking
Updated on 07/17/2007 09:54 PM by drinking
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