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Round the World

29th August 2007

Samples by


Well you have got to try them to find out. And we found out that real
ale in Aldershot is getting harder and harder to get. Starting at The
Cricketers Bar (Potters International Hotel) the confused barman
believed he was serving real ale when all he had was gassed John
Smith’s and Courage Best. The Willems Park eatery next to Tesco was
no better; just gassed Marston’s Pedigree. We did not really expect
any ‘real’ at The Alexandra but it was disappointing to find no
proper beer at The Beehive, even if the barmaid was nice.
Amongst these failures we did find a couple with real beer and at the
end we just resorted to pubs we knew carried our tipple.

Crimea - Aldershot - SU 869 507

A very quiet evening in this pub with only two other punters to keep
the barmaid occupied. Still the dog got excited and made his presence
known by climbing the bar counter. The Wadworth 6X was quite
acceptable but the Adnams Broadside less so.

Brewer   Beer       %  Price Mark Comment
Wadworth 6X        4.3 £2.70  3   Quite acceptable
Adnams   Broadside 4.7 £2.80 2.5  Less so

Albion - Aldershot - SU 872503

In marked contrast to the Crimea, this pub was very busy with ladies
darts and football watchers. Feels more like a sports bar than a pub
with three TV’s and a fast barmaid. Yet another dog got excited; this
one doing press-ups on the carpet. Just Fuller’s London Pride
available but just as good and cheaper than the Pride available at
the Fuller’s tie just up the road.

Brewer   Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Fuller’s London Pride 4.1 £2.70  3   Good enough

White Lion - Aldershot - SU 878 499

The £1.50 a pint promotion over the August Bank Holiday weekend had
proved very popular but fortunately there was still some beer left.
The Triple fff beers were their usual good selves but of particular
note this visit was the Dark Star Over the Moon, a very tasty dark
beer from a very tasty brewery. We avoided the Hidden Fantasy; you
just don’t know where it might lead you.

Brewer    Beer           %  Price Mark Comment
fff       Alton’s Pride 3.8 £2.30 3.5	
fff       Moondance     4.2 £2.40      Not tried
fff       Stairway      4.6 £2.40 3.5	 
Dark Star Over the Moon 3.8 £2.30  4   Lovely 
Hidden    Fantasy       4.6 £2.40      Not tried 

After The White Lion the group split up. The brothers O’C went in
search of some swift pints up the Garden Gate, while PV and FN went
in search of something different at The Red Lion. Who would be

Red Lion - Aldershot - SU 874 500

Three real ales on offer but from well established independents. Long
gone are the Freeth days of no hats and six different and unusual
beers. The Hogs Back Summer Ale was perfectly acceptable but where
has Summer That and Summer This gone? Probably where our Summer has,
down the drain.

Brewer    Beer        %  Price Mark Comment
Hogs Back TEA        4.2 £2.70      Not tried
Hogs Back Summer Ale 4.2 £2.70 3.5  Perfectly acceptable
Sharps    Doombar    4.0 £2.70      Not tried 

Garden Gate - Aldershot - SU 865 500

Whilst two of us had been in here for a while, one made it just in
time for last orders. O the joy of flexible hours. The IPA was as
good as usual but without FN we had no one prepared to take on either
the Abbot or the Hedgerow. Wimps to the last.

Brewer      Beer      %  Price Mark Comment
Greene King IPA      3.7 £2.60  3	
Greene King Abbot    4.8 £2.70      No Frank, no try
Ruddles     Hedgerow 4.2 £2.70      No Frank, no cry 

Created on 09/10/2007 10:11 PM by drinking
Updated on 09/10/2007 10:28 PM by drinking
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