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Eight Bells Beer Festival - Alton - SU 718 396



You sometimes get the feeling you are on the way to Royston Vasey
when you get to Alton, and Phil’s choice of local breweries for this
year’s festival did nothing to dispel these thoughts. We were even
joined by a local, in the form of Ken. Still, all the beers tried
were in good condition and at £2.40 a pint very reasonably priced.
With enough Mengo drinkers to form a quorum and five entries
received, the logo competition was judged. On the initial poll, two
entries (Paul C’s and Kev’s) tied with two votes each. Kev’s came out
top in the second ballot. Beware, it might appear on a shirt near
you. Even worse, Kev might explain what it means!
Mikes entry was very good and Paul V was surprised it had not at
least made the second ballot until Mike admitted he had not voted for
himself! Kev, of course, had. Democracy in action or what?

Beer List

Brewery    Beer            %
Archers    Buckeye        4.5
Bowman     Swift One      3.8
Goddards   Ducks folly    5.2
Bowman     Quiver         4.5
Stonehenge Old Smokey     5.0
Goddards   Fuggle Dee Dum 4.8
Stonehenge Spire Ale      3.8
Archers    Predator       5.2
Hampshire  Thunderbolt    4.5
Hampshire  Indian summer  5.6
Bowman     Eldorado       3.5

After the beer festival, we called in at The Railway Arms for a swift
one before the train back to Aldershot and the delights of The Garden

Minutes of the extraordinary meeting

Judges: PV, MG, PG, KO, RO and Ken

The meeting was convened at the 8 Bells in Alton on the 
1st of September 2007.

The aim of the meeting was one to partake in the 8 Bells beer
festival and secondly to decide on the logo for the Mengo drinking shirts.

As this was the first time we had performed such an activity I wish
to thank  Ken (a local Alton boy) for his advice. A number of points
can be taken away from this exercise:
•	Must make it clear what the rules are.
•	Ensure everybody understands them
•	KO would make a good Politian

There were five entries (a good turn out) although the two from the
West End looked much the same and will be taken as one entry).

The voting was in two round  and it went like this:

First round

            Logo Votes
             A     2
             B     1
             D     1
             E     2

Logo’s A and E went through to the 2nd round.

Second Round

               Voter Logo
               Ray    A
               PV     E
               MG     E
               PC     Pass (created logo A)
               KO     Pass (created logo E)
               Ken    Not required

The committee agreed that logo E is the one that will go forward to be printed.

Logo A will go on the back depending on the cost.

Created on 09/10/2007 10:46 PM by drinking
Updated on 09/10/2007 11:06 PM by drinking
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