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Dorking - 22nd December 2007



Round the World - Dorking - 22nd December 2007

This year’s venue for Round the World was suggested by Tel and
successful in the ballot held earlier in the month. Mengo is getting
more democratic every year! After joining with Frank at Guildford we
alighted at Dorking Deepdene and made our way into town.

Surrey Yeoman - 220 High Street, Dorking - RH4 1QR

Originally The Royal Oak, this old pub changed its name during the
Napoleonic Wars. With beams, flagstones, tiles and polished
floorboards on many different levels it has plenty of character.
Extended during its time as a Hogshead it is now in the Greene King
stable and currently managed by a very pleasant young landlady.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Tyskie Browary Ksiazece Gronie Poland 5.5 Pils £2.55 Bottled

White Hart - 5 Dene Street, Dorking - RH4 2DR

An old pub just off the main road, the exterior has a Dutch feel with
its stepped roof. A locals local, the bar area is split into two with
pool and other pub games on one side and general seating on the
other. The Gents toilets have a Tardis like quality about them.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Asia Pacific Breweries Tiger India 5 Rice pils £2.65 Bottled

Arty P’s - 45 Dene Street, Dorking - RH4 2DW

Previously The Jolly Butchers, this 1930’s style pub has been ripped
apart and turned into a ‘youth’ venue complete with screaming
children. Pea artwork adorns the walls.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Chili Marketing Cusquena Peru 5 Pils £2.50 Bottled

Bulls Head - 11 South Street, Dorking - RH4 2DY

Fairly modern ex Gales, now Fuller’s tie. Comfortable but not
memorable, in house cosmetic sales were available on our visit.
Franks friends, Dave and Carol joined us here.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Sol Mexico 4.5 Pils £2.75 Bottled

Cricketers - 81 South Street, Dorking - RH4 2JU

This small 1930’s pub has one L shaped bar of bare brick walls
covered with Fuller’s adverts. A prominent TV dominates the
proceedings of the very local, if not inbred, clientele.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Brauerei Beck’s & Co. Original Germany 5.0 Pils £3.00 Bottled

Queen’s Head - Horsham Road, Dorking - RH4 2JS

Another Dutch influenced building, this time with the roofline more
like a barn. There was a pleasant atmosphere in the comfortable U
shaped bar area of this Fuller’s tied pub.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Cerveceria Modelo SA Corona Extra Mexico 4.5 Pils £2.40 Bottled

Falkland Arms - 60 Falkland Road, Dorking - RH4 3AD

An out of town soulless Irish pub. No business cards so we got a
Christmas card instead. Just as well, you need cheering up in here.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Holsten Brauerei AG Germany 5.0 Pils £2.80 Bottled

Prince of Wales - 55 Hampstead Road, Dorking - RH4 3AH

This cozy Victorian back street pub was busy this Saturday afternoon
with the older generation of locals. The pub is run by a very
pleasant couple that made our group welcome and invited us back for
the New Years eve party.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
San Miguel Spain 5.0 Pils £1.50 Draft half pint

King’s Arms - 45 West Street, Dorking - RH4 1BU

Originally three farm workers cottages and became a coaching inn in
the 16th C. Low beams, leaded windows and split leveled bar area
provides the setting for the town’s premier real ale venue. With four
guest beers from The Cottage Brewery one of us was tempted to go for
an English beer.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Bitburger Brugruppe Gmbh Germany 4.8 Pils £1.60 Draft half pint
Cottage Wessex Warmer England . Real Ale 4.8 Draught half pint: very nice it was too.

Old House at Home - 24 West Street, Dorking - RH4 1BY

This 15th C pub with its low-beamed ceiling creates a warm welcoming
atmosphere and was busy with last minute male Christmas shoppers
stopping of for a drink while they reflected on the ill-conceived
gift they have just bought the wife.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Wells & Youngs Red Stripe Nominally Jamaica but really England 4.7 Pils £2.60 Bottled

Star Inn - 36 West Street, Dorking - RH4 1BU

Sited on a corner the outside seating provides an excellent position
for traffic watching. Count the number of 4x4’s the people of Dorking
need to negotiate the wild terrain of mid Surrey. The pub is well
known for its live entertainment, which we provided this Saturday
afternoon. The trip to the toilets is fraught with danger, especially
if you have had a few.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Budweiser Budvar Czech Republic 4.0 Pilsner £1.65 Draft half pint

Pilgrim - Station Road, Dorking - RH4 1HF

Looking like an ordinary house this excellent little pub is located
in the industrial estate wastelands near Dorking West station and
provided welcome cheer as the group stumbled through the poorly lit
streets. Probably worth a return visit when less drunk.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Various . . . . Too drunk to care


Aiming to catch the 17.06 from Dorking West, we left The Pilgrim with
a few minutes to spare but a wrong turn meant we could only listen as
the train arrived and departed without us. With the next scheduled
train not due for two hours we walked back to Dorking Deepdene and
the more frequent service. Still it did enable us to get some fish
and chips on the way back.

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