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Farnham - 24th to 26th April 2008

Thursday 24th Evening - PV, ROC, MG, KOC & TM

With such a miserable April so far, it was not looking good for the
Beerex weekend. Indeed it rained heavily just before PV set off for
the station. But that was the last of the rain and it remained dry
right through to Saturday. Farnham Beerex must be blessed.
Not so the beer committee, who this year decided to err on the safe
side with the beer selection. Still they had at least brought Bowman
for it’s first appearance at Farnham and had the new mild from Surrey

Brewery           Beer                     %
Beartown          Bear Ass                4.0
Bowman            Elderado                3.5
Branscombe Vale   Branoc                  3.8
Caledonian        80/-                    4.1
City of Cambridge Atom splitter           4.7
Dark Star         Hophead                 3.8
Dorset            Harbour Master          3.6
Naylor’s          Pinnacle Bitter         3.9
Naylor’s          Pinnacle Blonde         4.3
Otter             Bright                  4.3
Surrey Hills      Hammer Mild             3.8
Titanic           Stout                   4.5
Titanic           White Star              4.8
Twickenham        Crane Sundance          3.7
Ventnor           Golden Bitter           4.0
West Berkshire    Dr Hexter’s Wedding Ale 4.1

Friday 25th Evening - PV & MV

PV and MV again decided to do the decent thing and help out at the
festival on the Friday. Being even more devious than last year, PV
had surveyed the Malt Room bars the previous evening and decided on
the one with his preferred choice of beers. Then made sure he did not
drink any of them on the Thursday.

Brewery     Beer                %
Castle Rock Harvest Pale       3.8
Castle Rock Hemlock            4.0
Exmoor      Gold               4.5
Harveys     Sussex Best Bitter 4.0
Hawkshead   Brodie’s Prime     4.9
Hawkshead   Lakeland Gold      4.4
Stonehenge  Danish Dynamite    5.0
Ventnor     White Spirit       5.0
Westerham   British Bulldog    4.3
Westerham   Black Eagle SPA    3.8
Woodforde’s Wherry Best        3.8

Saturday 26th Afternoon - PV, ROC, MG, GM, KOC, DF, TM, PM, RN, PC & JA

Just to prove Farnham Beerex’s weather lore, this turned out to be
the hottest day of the year so far. A glorious day to welcome back
some of our old Beerex friends; GM paid a rare visit and was joined
by his brother up from the West Country. PM brought some very nice
pasties with him to hand around and these held off the pangs of
hunger until our post Beerex pizza.

Brewery        Beer                     %
Arundel        Sussex Gold             4.2
Arundel        Sussex Mild             3.7
Dorset         Durdle Door             5.0
Highwood       Old Timber              4.5
Hop Back       Crop Circle             4.2
Itchen Valley  Pure Gold               4.6
Kelham Island  Best Bitter             3.8
Nethergate     Umbel Ale               3.8
Otter          Ale                     4.5
Purple Moose   Dark Side of the Moose  4.6
Surrey Hills   Ranmore Ale             3.8
West Berkshire Maggs’ Magnificent Mild 3.8
Wickwar        Broad Oak Bitter        4.0

Created on 05/12/2008 08:13 PM by drinking
Updated on 05/12/2008 08:35 PM by drinking
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