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14th Reading Beer Festival - 1st & 3rd May 2008

Thursday 1st May 2008 - PV, ROC

Despite lightning strikes disrupting South West Trains services, PV
made it to Reading in plenty of time to join the small queue waiting
for the festival to open at 4.30.
The foreign beer bar was just inside the entrance and in no time
Olaf’s first offering was going down nicely. So as not to miss ROC
when he arrived, PV did not venture far. Well he did not venture at
all. ROC eventually turned up just before 6.00 pm and made a manful
effort to catch up.
We eventually did have a brief wander around the rest of the festival
but that was really only to try the Zero Degrees Alt, which was
located at the end of the second marquee.

Brewery      Beer                     %	
Andechser    Weissbier               5.5 D
Andechser    Bergbock Hell           6.9 D
Augustiner   Maximator               7.5 B
Fruh         Kolsch                  4.8 D
Mahr’s Brau  Weizen Bock             7.5 D
Schlenkerla  Urbock                  6.5 D
Tegernsee    1806 Max I Joseph       5.2 D
Tucher       Festbier                5.8 B
Wernecker    Laurentius (Unfiltered) 4.8 B
Zero Degrees Alt                     4.8 D

Saturday 3rd May - PV & ROC (and commended for trying, KOC & TM)

In order to avoid the queue to get in, which builds up latter in the
day, PV and ROC arrived at the festival site just before the official
opening time of 11.00 am. Only to find the queue was already 300
metres long. With a health and safety issue delaying opening time, it
was nearly midday by the time numbers 880 and 881 got in.
Managing to get seats near the foreign beer bar we were able to watch
the entrance for the arrival of KOC and TM whilst enjoying a few
beers. The range of draught German beers had changed since Thursday
and PV was singing the praises of Olaf, when the Scot from the
Dorking boys (whose table we had crashed) told stories of our hero’s
nefarious doings. It appears Olaf is not quite the prince we thought
he was.
At about 1.00 pm and just as we saw KOC and TM round the corner to
join the queue, the stream of arrivals suddenly ceased. The festival
had reached its 4000 capacity. As it was now one out, one in ROC
advised the latecomers they would have a long wait to get in. After a
short time, as there was no steady progression towards the entrance,
they gave up and went for a drink in the town. PV and ROC took pity
and joined them a little later.

Brewery     Beer                                %	
Augustiner                       Hell          5.2 D
Augustiner                       Edelstoff     5.7 D
Keesmann                         Herren Pils   4.6 D
Mahr’s Brau                      Ungespundet   5.2 D
Mahr’s Brau                      Bock          7.5 D
Mahr’s Brau                      Weizen Bock   7.5 D
Neder                            Schwarze Anna 5.1 D
Schlenkerla                      Urbock        6.5 D
Trunk(Kloster Vierzehn Heiligen) Silberbock    6.3 D
Urige                            Alt           4.6 D

Created on 05/18/2008 01:08 PM by drinking
Updated on 05/18/2008 01:28 PM by drinking
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