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Friday 16th May - PV & MV

With other obligations on the Saturday, as a birthday treat, PV
decided to visit the beer festival on the Friday.

Andy, who runs Continental beer trips from his home in
Mönchengladbach, had teamed up with Juergen at Zeitgeist to put on
their first beer festival. After his latest trip to Franconia he
loaded the coach up with beer from eight breweries, added a few from
more local sources (to him) and brought the lot over to London.

Arriving shortly after 2.00 pm, the pub was not that busy and Andy
had limited the beers available to six. However, he was sure trade
would pick up in the evening as he had shifted 120 litres the
previous day. Over the course of the festival there would be a total
of 17 beers available but already a few had gone, including the Neder
Helles Lagerbier. PV was also unable to persuade him to put on the
Löwenbräu Ungespundetes Kellerbier. Still, what was available was
very good, in particular the Hofmann Export.

Brewery            Beer        Style             %
Füchschen          Alt         Alt              4.5
Schumacher         Alt         Alt              4.6
Bolten             Landbier    Kölsch           4.9
Bolten             Hefe-Weizen Weizen           4.9
Bolten             LLB Pils    Pils             4.9
Hofmann	Export     Dunkel      Lagerbier        5.4
Scheubel-Sternbräu Dunkel      Dunkel Rauchbier 5.5

Saturday 17th May - ROC, KO, PC, RN, TM & (Ruth, James, Lyn & Colm)

The words "Sorry no Beer" were never truer but that did not daunt us
the beer list at the bar would keep us busy for the rest of the
afternoon. Had a word with Andy and it seemed that it was wall to
wall on Friday night and having 5 barrels that went off did not help.
Also PV had dented the available beer the day before.

Magnus and his wife were there arriving just after us, not
disappointed as they were off to the Harvey's Pub in town.

We camped on the German side as it turned out when the big screen
came on with the Bundersleague and started to fill up with Germans.
The other side had a large TV on the wall with the FA cup on. We
stayed with the Germans.

Later we were joined by my clan as it was Ruth's birthday and we had
a few more beers and a plate of currywurst a good time was had by

Brewery      Beer     %
Gaffel       Kolsch  4.8 
Konig        Pilsner 4.9 
Paulaner     Keller  4.9 
DAB                  5.0 
Worfsteiner          4.8 
Weihnstephen Hell    5.4 
Weihnstephen Dunkle  5.3 
Flensburger          4.0 
Veltins              4.9 
Schneider    Weise   5.4 B
Paulaner     Lager   4.9 

Note they never guessed what I had in the bag as a present for Ruth?

Created on 05/18/2008 05:17 PM by drinking
Updated on 05/20/2008 08:33 PM by drinking
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