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7th May 2008

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Hogs Back Brewery - Tongham - SU 886 485

The shop’s late opening on Wednesdays provides an opportunity to
start a cycle ride with some good beer. We were not disappointed
as both Spring Call and Brooklands Gold Star were in very good form.
The brewery tour, which was just finishing, left us some free glasses as well.

Brewer    Beer                  %  Price Mark Comment
Hogs Back Spring Call          4.0        4   Light and refreshing
Hogs Back Brooklands Gold Star 4.5        4   Good premium bitter

White Hart - Tongham - SU 886 489

This pub has come on leaps and bounds since Alison and Kevin took
over in May 2007. Now have five or six real ales on and a real cider.
This cavernous hostelry has four distinct inside areas, a garden and
front patio, so you should always find somewhere to suite your mood.
The overall beer quality was very good apart from the Hop Back Summer
Lightning, which was not quite up to their usual high standard.

Brewer     Beer                     %  Price Mark Comment
fff        Pressed Rat and Warthog 3.8 £2.80  3.5 Great mild
Youngs     Special                 4.5 £2.95   3  Nothing special at all
Twickenham Naked Ladies            4.4 £2.95  3.5 Floral 
Brains     SA                      4.2 £2.95  3.5 The good old skull attack 
Hop Back   Summer Lightning        5.0 £3.10  2.5 Not quite up to standard 
Courage    Directors               4.8 £3.10      Not tried 

White Lion - Aldershot -SU 878 499

It was a quiet night at the ‘White’ until we arrived and made some
noise with stories about French Maids serving at a Rising Sun. No
idea what that means but we had had a few by then. The Pride was well
up to standard but the Dazed was well below par. The Hammerpot FNL
gave rise to an expletive. No arguments about the nice prices though.

Brewer          Beer                     %  Price Mark Comment
Triple fff      Pressed Rat and Warthog 3.8 £2.40      Not tried
Triple fff      Alton’s Pride           3.8 £2.40 3.5  Very nice
Triple fff      Dazed & Confused        4.6 £2.70  2   Poor by usual standard 
Triple fff      Moondance               4.2 £2.60  3	 
Isle of Purbeck Studland Bay Wrecked    4.5 £2.60  3   Quite alright 
Hammerpot       FNL                     5.8 £2.70 2.5  *bleep*ing Nearly Legless? 

Everyone agreed that overall it was not a bad start to the summer
bike rides.

Created on 05/20/2008 08:48 PM by drinking
Updated on 06/03/2008 09:16 PM by drinking
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