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21st May 2008

Sampled by

ROC, FN, PV & TM. KOC at Crowthorne

With Chelsea having reached the European Champions Cup final for the first time, KOC was keen to watch the complete match and had arranged to join Tommy at the Wellington College Staff Social Club for the game. As FN is only a bit of a Manchester United fan, the rest of us were not that bothered and decided to join the keen supporters latter.
The journey to Crowthorne by train from North Camp was uneventful as indeed the return turned out to be. But not before the station indicator board nearly had us heading back to the Club by giving the impression the train from Reading had been cancelled.

Old Ford - North Camp - SU 886 537

Making a determined effort on the real ale front with Ascot Ales
Wheatsheaf a welcome guest. Good prices too. Watched Man U take an
early lead before catching the train.

Brewer     Beer        %  Price Mark  Comment
Courage    Best       4.0 £2.65       Not tried
Sharp’s    Doombar    4.0 £2.65   4   Good example of a nice beer 
Ascot Ales Wheatsheaf 4.9 £2.80   3   Exstrawdinary 
Wychwood   Hobgoblin  4.5 £2.80  3.5  We are not afraid

Napoleon’s Retreat - Crowthorne - SU 836 633

Among the other building work going on at Wellington College was the
provision of a new Staff Social Club. Very comfortable it was too.
Tommy made us welcome and our enjoyment of the venue was enhanced
with free sandwiches and cheep beer. Chelsea had equalized while we
were traveling and the score was still 1-1 on our departure.

Brewer    Beer    %  Price Mark Comment
Everard’s Beacon 3.8 £2.20  3.5 Bit cloudy but excellent taste
Butcombe  Blond  4.3 £2.20  3.5 Trifle cold

Prince of Wales - Farnborough - SU 877 564

The outhouse, used for the beer festivals and turned into a TV room
for the match, was packed, which left plenty of room in the pub for
us. We kept up to date on the match with ROC’s radio. The game
remained at 1-1 at the end of both full and extra time. In the
penalty shoot out Ronaldo missed for United but then Terry failed
with his chance to win it for Chelsea. When Analka also missed, the
cup was United’s.

Brewer    Beer              %  Price Mark Comment
Elgoods   Black Dog Mild   3.6 £2.85  4   Stunning mild
Acorn     Darkness         4.2 £2.90  4   Burntness all around
Dark Star Hophead          3.8 £2.85  4   Light and hoppy 
Hampshire Ironside Best    4.2 £2.90      Not tried 
Hampshire King Alfred      3.8 £2.85  4	 
Hop Back  Summer Lightning 5.0 £3.05  0   Handed back 

Created on 06/26/2008 07:55 PM by drinking
Updated on 06/26/2008 08:10 PM by drinking
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