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Round the World

4th june 2008

Sampled by

KOC, RN, TM, FN, PV, MG & ROC. Shredder Nick turned up at The Crown.

Shepherd & Flock - Farnham - SU 854 474

The pub exterior has been repainted and is looking good. Enjoying a
pleasant evening outside we were only disturbed by the first bikers
of Spring testing their skills on the A31. The Whitstable Native
Bitter was well received and the Triple fff Moondance described as
the best so far this year; but then it may have been the taster’s
first Moondance of the year!

Breer      Beer           %  Price Mark Comment
Hidden     Pint          3.8 £2.80 2.5  An acquired taste, not acquired
Hidden     Fantasy       4.6 £2.90      Not tried
Whitstable Native Bitter 3.7 £2.80  4   Very pleasant session beer 
Archers    Best          4.0 £2.80 3.5	 
Triple fff Moondance     3.5 £2.80 3.5  Best (first?) this year 
Hogs Back  TEA           4.2 £2.80      Not tried 
Ringwood   Old Thumper   5.6 £3.00      Not tried 

Crown - Badshot Lea - SU 863 484

This Grade II listed pub is currently undergoing re-roofing,
including the replacement of the oak timbers with the same wood. It
is costing a lot of money and the landlord is extremely pleased his
surveyor pointed out the need for a new roof before he bought the
tenancy so that the cost of the work falls to Fuller’s. Parts of the
building date back to the 18th Century with additions made shortly
before it became a pub in 1856. Oh, and the beer was very good.

Brewer   Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Fuller’s Chiswick     3.5 £2.80  4   Excellent session bitter
Fuller’s London Pride 4.1 £3.00  4   Very good example

Nick arrived at the Crown and entertained us with stories of his stay
at his partner’s dilapidated French cottage and his horrendous
journey back to the UK after a week without a shower. He followed
these with tales of his current job in Bradford, while all MG could
come up with was some yarn about large rubber elephants in the woods!

Cricketers - Badshot Lea - SU 866 487

Loud music and a loud Nick enlivened the regulars Wednesday evening.
The landlady took a shine to Nick and invited him…………outside for a
fag. The 6X and Bombardier were perfectly acceptable, if not
downright good.

Brewer          Beer        %  Price Mark Comment
Wadworth        6X         4.3 £2.75 3.5  Enjoyable
Wells & Young’s Bombardier 4.3 £2.75 3.5  Enjoyable

Garden Gate - Aldershot -SU 865 500

Cally is now into her stride as landlady and would welcome any
comments on the beer quality. Closed Monday to Thursday lunchtimes.
Home cooked meals available evenings and Sunday lunchtimes.

Brewer      Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Ossett      Quick Silver 5.0 £2.80 3.5  Looks like lager………………..
Greene King IPA          3.7 £2.70 3.5  ………………….tastes like piss
Greene King Abbot        5.0 £2.80      Not tried 

Created on 06/26/2008 08:26 PM by drinking
Updated on 06/26/2008 08:40 PM by drinking
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