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Round the World

11th June 2008

Sampled by


Yes young blood Gunners idea to hit Cove. At least one of the German
boys turned up to keep us amused with stories of half cooked sausages
and a cycle of Pils, Hellas and Weizen, with a bit of Frank thrown in

Thatched Cottage - Farnborough - SU 864 564

Strange no football on the box just corry. Plenty of people playing
Texas Holdem and a steady stream of couples. Always a nice place to

Brewer    Beer      %  Price Mark Comment
Highgate  Fat Catz 4.0 £2.78  4   A very nice start to the night
Courage   Best     4.0 £2.54	 	
Hogs Back Tea      4.2 £2.69		
Thwaites  Mild     3.3 £2.65  4   Frank said very nice

The Potters Arms - Farnborough

Another one down to Gunner, two bars, right hand side had a telly and
a restaurant to the side. Very hot on a cool evening, KO had the
London which was changed straight away. The lad from Wexford behind
the bar changed the barrel and gave us pint of tea, problem was it
was not much better than the first.
We sat outside and watched the traffic go by. KO also had a flat tire
and had to walk the rest of the way.

Brewer    Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Fullers   London Pride 4.1 £2.85  0	
Hogs Back Tea          4.2 £2.80 3.5  Surprising based on the other pint 

Old Court House - Farnborough - SU 859 55

Of course football on the box, ladies darts and a very busy pub.  Not
sure what happened here but we all had the same beer. KO still
walking. Busy and interesting bar.

Brewer        Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Fullers       London Pride 3.5 £2.85		
Fullers       ESB          5.5 £3.05		
Hogs Back     Tea          4.2 £2.80		
Greene King   IPA              £2.80		
Charles Wells Bombardier       £2,80		
Bass          Draught Bass 4.4 £2.95  3.5  

Swan - Farnborough - SU 870 545

Refurbished and rather nice, must be getting old. Still a slight
smell of chips, but toilets now down stairs and tidy. KO talked to
the leader of the three piece band that stopped just after we
arrived. Was her name Winnie or Dusty, she did well to hide all those
tattoos. Bar staff pleasant and informed us that the policy was to
keep changing the beers and very nice they were. We has a pint and 2
of us left and 2 stayed as Frank minders (PV’s normal role).

Brewer  Beer           %  Price Mark Comment
Bowmans Swift one     3.8 $2.90  4   Very good
Archers Crystal Clear 5.0 £2.90		
Fullers London Pride  3.5 £2.90		

In the Garden Gate we did wonder what had happed to KO and Tel, as KO
had swapped bikes with Frank. Seems that they had stopped for another
beer with Frank and then KO decided to collect train numbers on the
Five Arch Bridge while on Franks bike, he had problems getting his
pen out a he did the Ron style para roll.

Created on 06/26/2008 08:41 PM by drinking
Updated on 06/30/2008 08:45 PM by drinking
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