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Beers of the World - Birmingham NEC - 13th June 2008



Comments - NEC

It had to be done, James came up with the free tickets and I supplied
the train tickets as KO's birthday present.
No problems with the journey up although the train did not go via the
NEC as stated but through Solihull, no problem we got on the next
train out of New Street and the NEC. No problem in getting our
tickets, even after a couple of phone calls, mainly due to it being
lunch time. Back into the NEC and into the BBC Good Food and Garden
exhibition. Yes Beers of the World was a very small part of this in
Hall number 8.
We made the mistake of buying the first lot of glasses we came
across, of course these were not the Beers of the World glasses, a
young lad was selling small glasses full of tokens. One glass and 12
tokens £3.00 not bad.
The selection of beers was nothing great but kept us busy for a few
hours and I also managed to spend five minutes in the real exhibition.
They had a couple of well known speakers rambling on about beer and
how its made and where they have been. It was very interesting but
did go on.
We had been given extra tickets by a couple who thought  knew what to
do with them, we failed and had to hand them onto to some young lads
as we left.

We tried the following beers: -

Brewery    Beer             %
Grolsch    Weizen          5.3
Sharps     Chalky’s Bite   6.8
Primason   Weizen	   5.0
Quilmes    Crystal Cerveza 4.9
Kasteel    Cru             5.0
Budweizen  Budva Dark      4.7
Budeizen   Budva Larger   
Spaten     Munich 
Youngs     Kew Gold        4.8
James Boag Premium         5.0

Comment - Wellington

So the easy part of the day over and a busy commute into Birmingham
and a quick tour and into the Wellington where Niamh was waiting.
As normal the beer list was excellent and while only 12 at the start
by the start of the evening session all 15 pumps were going strong.
We spent a good couple of hours working out KO’s Brummy accent and he
managed to talk to a couple of the locals. Lucky we had a local with
Excellent pub and then 5 minutes back to the station and the train
straight to Guildford and  back home by eleven.

We tried:

    Brewer        Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
1.  Wye Valley    HPA          4.0 £2.60		
2.  Sadlers       Hardwick PA  5.0 £2.60  4	
4.  Oldshaws      Decadence    6.3 £3.10		
5.  Hobsons       Mild         3.2 £2.60		
6.  Effand        KSA          4.9 £2.60		
7.  Cotleigh      Cotleigh 25  4.0 £2.60		
9.  Fullers       London Pride 4.1 £2.80		
10. Tower         Playtime     4.6 £2.80		
11. Dowbridge     Bonum Mild   3.5 £2.50		
12. Derby         Blondiferous 4.5 £2.70   4   Very nice
13. Morgens       Beez Kneez   4.2 £2.70		
14. Black Country BFG          4.2         4	
15. Oldshaws      Byards Leap  4.0 £2.60   4   Good

Created on 06/30/2008 09:11 PM by drinking
Updated on 06/30/2008 09:25 PM by drinking
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