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9th July 2008 - PLAN D to CAMBERLEY

Sampled by


With the forecast for heavy rain, no one fancied cycling to The
George and Lobster at Church Crookham, so an alternative plan was
called for. ROC very quickly came up with Plan C; The White and Red
Lions followed by The Goose and The Queen Victoria, ending up as
usual at The Garden Gate. Shortly afterwards he came up with Plan D
comprising of a visit to Camberley to try some Ascot Ales at the
breweries recommended outlet, The Dolphin. After some ‘phoning
around, Plan D was adopted.
The evening started badly, The Carpenters had run out of real ale,
the next pub had been changed into a trendy bar with no real and the
one on the corner of Park Road and the A30 had been demolished. The
Dolphin proved to be a success but matters went downhill again with a
visit to the Weatherspoons. The Claude de Ville had bouncers on the
door (not a good sign) and was filled with persons young enough to be
our grandchildren, let alone our children.
We decided on a rapid withdrawal from Camberley for the peace and
quiet of Aldershot, losing Frank at Ash Vale on the way.
The evening ended with KOC and PV throwing their beer glasses out of
their prams and a not so jolly time was had by all.

Dolphin - Camberley - SU 867 605

Mark and Chrissie have had the pub since March and are keen to
promote real ale sales. They obtain their beer from the SIBA list
promoted by Enterprise and currently occupy the two handpumps with
beers from Ascot Ales. Trying a third beer from a barrel on the bar,
but unfortunately the Shere Drop was not ready at the time of our
visit. The one bar pub was comfortable and the clientele friendly.
The two Ascot Ales we tried were in top condition.

Brewer     Beer        %  Price Mark Comment
Ascot Ales Posh Pooch 4.2 £2.80  4   Getting better but needs refining
Ascot Ales Alligator  4.6 £2.80  4   American style Pale Ale!

Claude de Ville - Camberley - SU 876 605

Wednesday night is children’s night, or so it seemed to us. After
negotiating the ‘bouncers’ (no shorts allowed but I will let you in
this time) on the door and the massed ranks of juveniles at the bar,
the four beers displayed at one end turned out to be off (so why have
the pump clips showing). Fighting our way to the next display we
quickly chose one, had a swift half and ran for the train to get out
of Camberley. Having said that, the beer was in good condition and
the price was right.

Brewer     Beer       %  Price Mark Comment
Brewster’s Rutterkin 4.6 £1.90 3.5  Good beer

Garden Gate - Aldershot - SU 865 500

O for the peace and quiet of an out of town center boozer. The new
bar staff had to be trained in the meaning of a ‘pint’ of beer but
apart from that everything was normal in our local. And long may it
remain so.

Brewer      Beer      %  Price Mark Comment
Greene King IPA      3.7 £2.70 3.5  Normal good standard
Greene King Abbot    5.0 £2.80      Not tried
Greene King Sundance 4.1 £2.80  3   Nothing special

Created on 07/28/2008 08:31 PM by drinking
Updated on 07/28/2008 08:45 PM by drinking
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