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16th July 2008

Sampled by


A strange night, people catching the later train, pubs shut, dodging
the vermin; rabbits, foxes and bats in that order (KO saw all these
but no ufo’s).

Jolly Farmer - Blacknest - SU 798 415

The report from the three who cycled up from the station was it was
busy, mostly groups of women.  From the sound of it the Fullers on

Brewer  Beer           %  Price	Mark Comment
Fullers London Pride  4.1 £2.90  4	
Fullers Chiswick      3.5 £2.65 3.5	
Gales   HSB           4.8 £3.00 3.5	

Halfway House - Bucks Horn Oak - SU 807 417

I cycled from Aldershot the pub was closed and the signs on the
windows contained the dreaded words:

That we, Enterprise Inn PLC

Lease is at an end.

Blue Bell - Dockenfield - SU 821 411

I phoned the others and said I would meet them here. Very quit 3
young lads and myself until the 3 amigos’ arrived.  I had to train
the young bar man to fill the pint glass. The pricing of the Guest
beer seemed a bit strange £3.40 for a pint of Hallelujah fff. Note
some of the beers were very cold.

Brewer            Beer        %  Price Mark Comment
Triple fff        Hallelujah 4.0 £3.40  3	
Triple fff        Blue Bell  3.8 £2.95  3	
Hogs Back Brewery TEA        4.2 £3.50	    Not tried
Triple fff Moondance         4.2 £3.05 2.5  

Tel and KO had problems telling the difference between the Blue Bell
and the Moondance.

Sandrock - Boundstone - SU 829 445

Just missed the rain and as always a good selection of beer ready to

Brewer               Beer            %  Price Mark
Surrey Hills Brewery Gilt Complex   4.6 £3.00	
Bowman               Swiftone       3.8 £2.70  4
Triple fff           Moondance      4.2 £3.00	
Surrey Hills Brewery Ranmore        4.2 £2.90  4
Envile Brewery       Nailmaker mild 4.0 £3.00  3
Surrey Hills Brewery Shere Drop     4.2 £3.00  4

Created on 07/28/2008 08:53 PM by drinking
Updated on 07/28/2008 09:16 PM by drinking
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