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Fleet Lions 2nd Beer festival - 16 August 2008 - Ancells Park GU51 2XF


Cally, RO, John, Sarah and KO


All up for an early start meeting at the Garden Gate with a half of
IPA. Cally stoked up with a plate of scrambled eggs made by Tim,
while the rest of us discussed how to cook them using the micro wave
and the best micro waved steamed pudding recipe from Tim.  Yes, it
was going to be one of those days.
The journey to the venue was all round the back of Fleet, the cab
driver went into auto pilot while on the phone. Half way down the
Bourley Road he woke up and said the trip should be £15 so he would
charge us that, lucky as the other side of Fleet was blocked and we
would have taken the long and winding road anyway.
Held in a small hall but with plenty of room in the garden, the beer
selection was enough to last an afternoon session but as time went
by, beer availability was less as they held back enough beer for the
evening session
The usual and unusual crowd were there, Mike from B&T, not his usual
self as he had some bad news earlier. The CAMRA boys and girls. The
Colville brothers as normal especially with KO their old opo. An old
Land Lord of the Garden Gate. Our new Mengo companions for the day
added a bit of spice.
Taxis back to Aldershot (thanks to John via the quickest route), Then
for us a lazy afternoon back in the Garden, Cally still had a long
shift to face and still managed to make some chips all very nice.
A very strange thing was the fact that the normal Mengo travellers
were sitting in the Pub when KO and myself arrived back and the
excuses went as such:
RN – Wobbly wheel, needed to be repaired (did he fix it no!)
TM – Would have meant an extra taxi if he had turned up!
PC – Couldn’t remember his lame excuse.
Lucky – Yes, her summer holidays at KO’s as much as an excuse as the
other three.

Brewery            Beer             %
Elgood & Sons Ltd  Golden Newt     4.1
Elgood & Sons Ltd  Mad Dog         4.4
Hammerpot Brewery  Martlet         3.5
Hammerpot Brewery  Red Hunter      4.3
Nelson Brewery     Pieces of Eight 3.8
Nelson Brewery     Nelson’s IPA    4.3
Nelson Brewery     Umbel Ale       3.8
Nelson Brewery     Umbel Magna     5.0
Shepherd Neame Ltd Bishops Finger  5.0
WJ King & Co       Summer Ale      4.0

Lions at Bay

Created on 08/17/2008 04:10 PM by drinking
Updated on 08/19/2008 10:30 PM by drinking
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