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Round the World

13th August 2008

Sampled by


It was perhaps not the right date to retry a couple of pubs we had
not visited for a number of years but we were very pleasantly
surprised by the atmosphere and beer quality at both The Ham &
Blackbird and The Alexandra. Will have to avoid prejudice and include
more regularly.

Squirrel - Farnborough - SU 881 543

An Ember Inn whose emphasis is on food. Totally refurbished it is
unrecognizable from the days of our youth when we used to make a
special journey here to drink Harp Gold Label and watch the dart
hustlers in action. The pub only carries one guest beer, but hey, any
guest is better than none. This visit it was a rather nice example of
Robinson’s Olympic Gold which turned out to be better than the one
regular tried, Fuller’s London Pride. The other untried regular,
Greene King IPA, was at a very reasonable £1.99 a pint.

Brewer      Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Greene King IPA          3.7 £1.99      Not tried
Fuller’s    London Pride 4.1 £2.50  3   Just average
Robinson’s  Olympic Gold 4.0 £2.70 3.5  Until warmed, lacked taste 

Ham & Blackbird - Farnborough - SU 870 560

The omens were not good; a Beefeater owned by Whitbread plc. However,
they did have London Pride on draught in the downstairs bar that was
devoid of diners. The size zero barmaid undertook her gym exercise
and gamely pulled five pints and, when requested, even topped them
up. It was then just down to the quality……………which turned out to be
rather better than hoped.

Brewer   Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Fuller’s London Pride 4.1 £2.84 3.5  Really quite good when warmed

Alexandra - Farnborough - SU 866 556

The pub struck us as rather cosmopolitan. It has been tastefully
decorated and with leather sofas, potted plants and the parrot,
comfortable and entertaining to visit. The food specials board looked
interesting and the wine list quite comprehensive. The Black Sheep
Best Bitter wasn’t bad either.

Brewer      Beer         %  Price Mark Comment
Black Sheep Best Bitter 3.8 £2.70 3.5  KOC liked it (so did the rest)
Adnams      Broadside   4.7 £2.80      Not tried

Swan - Farnborough - SU 871 546

Another pub now unrecognizable from its former existence. Although
the emphasis is no doubt on the dining experience there are still
three real ales available; a host beer, currently Ringwood Best plus
two changing guests. At this visit they were London Pride and
Flowerpots Goodens Gold. Both the Ringwood and the Goodens proved to
be very good ones indeed.

Brewer     Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Ringwood   Best Bitter  3.8 £2.90  4   Best Ringwood this year
Fuller’s   London Pride 4.1 £2.90      Not tried
Flowerpots Goodens Gold 4.5 £2.90  4   Better than at Cheriton! 

Created on 08/18/2008 07:41 PM by drinking
Updated on 08/18/2008 08:01 PM by drinking
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