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20th August 2008

Sampled by


This route was being saved for next summer but with no other
suggestions we decided to give it a go this year. The main aim was to
visit four pubs never before included on our summer bike rides, The
Royal Oak and The Bear and Ragged Staff in Wrecclesham plus The
Waverley and Mulberry by Farnham station. The Bear and Ragged Staff
turned out to have no real ale available so it is not included in the
The evening did not start well. It was raining and the train to
Farnham was ten minutes late, but the mood brightened once we got to
The Royal Oak.

Royal Oak - Wrecclesham - SU 825 448

Located on the main A325 through Wrecclesham, this pub has one large
bar with a dining area to the left and pool room on the right hand
side. When we visited the pub was under temporary management awaiting
the arrival of new tenants in mid September. Unusually the main
custom was female with two drinking at the bar and two more playing
pool. They left shortly after our arrival. Despite, or maybe because
of, the temporary management, the beer in this Greene King tie was in
fine form.

Brewer      Beer              %  Price Mark Comment
Greene King IPA              3.7 £2.50 3.5  GG standard and cheaper
Morland     Old Speckled Hen 4.5 £2.70 3.5  Enjoyed by all who tried it

Waverley - Farnham - SU 845 465

Located on the wrong side of Farnham station this pub currently still
has two separate bars. The public has a large screen TV and pool
table while the saloon just has the large screen TV. Enjoy the two
bar experience while you can; they plan to knock a hole through the
dividing wall soon. There is a covered patio at the rear for smokers.
There was only one real ale available when we called but the Sharp’s
Cornish Coaster was very acceptable.

Brewer  Beer             %  Price Mark Comment
Sharp’s Cornish Coaster 3.8 £3.00 3.5  Doom Bar’s lighter brother

Mulberry - Farnham - SU 844 466

Located on the town side of Farnham station this Greene King tie
boosts a Thai restaurant and accommodation and was The Blue Boy in a
previous incarnation. Its current tenure means there is a wide screen
TV on which to watch England struggle against the Czech Republic and
very loud unintelligible music. There was quite a mixed bunch of
customers from the young right through to the more mature (it was not
only us who had grey hair). The smokers are catered for with a
covered patio and the veranda is handy to chain your bike to out of
the weather. The beer tried, Sundance, was perfectly all right if
served rather too cold for us.

Brewer      Beer      %  Price Mark Comment
Greene King IPA      3.7 £3.10      Not tried
Greene King Sundance 4.1 £3.10  3   Did not like the taste much

William Cobbett - Farnham - SU 842 466

There was a good mix of customers in this rather eccentric pub. As
well as the main bar with its varied seating areas at the front of
the building, there is the pool room upstairs and a very large
covered area at the rear. The music is intelligible to the more
mature amongst us and does not preclude the chance of a conversation.
There are five real ales on offer, often including one from a local
micro. On this visit it was Crondall Sober as a Judge, which we gave
a miss in favour of a more distant Whitstable Bay East India Pale Ale.

Brewer         Beer                 %  Price Mark Comment
Courage        Best                4.0 £2.80      Not tried
Fuller’s       London Pride        4.1 £2.90  3	
Whitstable Bay East India Pale Ale 4.1 £2.90 3.5  Refreshing but too cold
Hammerpot      HPA                 4.1 £2.90  3	
Crondall       Sober as a Judge    4.0 £2.90      Not tried 

Lamb - Farnham - SU 842 466

Newly refurbished local’s local. The friendly atmosphere and bar
staff always makes this pub an enjoyable place to visit. That and, of
course, the excellent Shepherd Neame beers. The current seasonal
beer, Whitstable Bay, was particularly liked on this visit.

Brewer         Beer            %  Price Mark Comment
Shepherd Neame Kent’s Best    4.1 £2.95 3.5	
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay 4.5 £3.10 3.5  Very enjoyable
Shepherd Neame Spitfire       4.5 £3.10  3   A trifle flat 

Created on 08/26/2008 07:57 PM by drinking
Updated on 08/26/2008 08:21 PM by drinking
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