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Round the World

10th September 2008

Sampled by

ROC, FN, PV, KOC & TM; VP had a swift half with us in La Fontaine

La Fontaine - Aldershot - GU12 4NJ

This pub typifies the nonsense renaming of our hostelries. Situated
at the top of Windmill Hill on its junction with Holly Road, the pub
was originally called The Mount Pleasant. That was until about 20
years ago when the landlord went on holiday to Jersey and stayed in a
hotel called La Fontaine. Well really, it is not even English! There
is one large L shaped bar and the pub was quite busy when we called
with the TV football crowd watching Croatia v England. Mind you, it
was quite difficult to concentrate on the action, as the commentary
was VERY LOUD. The pub must cater for a high proportion of partially
deaf people. We certainly were by the time we left. Only one real ale
is served and the London Pride was very cold and cloudy when it
arrived. However, our beers were readily changed for fresh when the
replacement barrel was put on.

Brewer   Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Fuller’s London Pride 4.1 £2.90  2   Average too good a description

FN had already found out that The Heroes of Lucknow had no real ale
so it was straight on to The Queens Head.

Queens Head - Aldershot - GU12 4QJ

The dogs took an instant disliked to PV when he arrived and started
making quite a row. PV took an instant disliked to the dogs,
particularly when they started climbing all over the tables and
chairs. In the end the barman removed the cause of the disturbance
and relative calm descended. There was no TV on and when we left
there were only two customers remaining. There were two beers
available, London Pride and Hop Garden Gold. The latter tasted
extremely flowery and quite unlike how FN remembered it from the
previous week when he had a take out from the brewery.

Brewer    Beer             %  Price Mark Comment
Fuller’s  London Pride    4.1 £2.90  3   Pretty good
Hogs Back Hop Garden Gold 4.6 £2.90 2.5  Tasted nothing like remembered

White Lion - Aldershot - GU12 4EA

The England game was just finishing when we arrived; a really good
result beating Croatia away 4-1. In contrast to other pubs though the
TV was a small set and the sound quite muted so that it did not
dominate proceedings. The Alton’s Pride was in fine form and we
agreed it was a worthy winner of the Champion Beer of Britain at last
months GBBF. We were slightly disappointed there were no guest
brewery beers available at this visit but would make sure to come
again soon to try the Wolf beer due on shortly. When the Stairway run
out we were left with just three Triple fff beers but, given the
general lack of choice in many other Aldershot pubs, were happy to
have those. 

Brewer     Beer           %  Price Mark Comment
Triple fff Pressed Rat   3.8 £2.40 3.5  Mild as mild can be
Triple fff Alton’s Pride 3.8 £2.40  4   Champion
Triple fff Moondance     4.2 £2.60 3.5	 
Triple fff Stairway      4.6 £2.70 3.5  Shame it run out after just one 

Created on 09/15/2008 08:07 PM by drinking
Updated on 09/15/2008 08:21 PM by drinking
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