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Mick's day out - 14th March 2009




The assault on Reading was planned for two phases; a reconnaissance
followed by the main attack. As usual the plan fell apart as soon as
the trip started. No matter.
PV set off early to accommodate a visit to the bookshop and a quick
visit to The Hobgoblin. DF arrived at Aldershot only to be informed
of PV’s recent departure by Neil the Revenue Inspector. (There was a
heavy Police presence in Aldershot based on a tip-off of possible
trouble from the traveling Luton support.)
The main body collected MG at North Camp and just had time for a
swift half (of citrus fresh Andwell Gold Muddler) at The Old Ford.
Arriving at Reading, where DF had sort refuge in The Three Guineas,
they found PV loitering in Broad Street and everyone set off for the
main objective.

Nags Head - Reading - RG1 7XD

 This pub has been turned into a real ale drinker’s nirvana with an
every changing range of twelve beers. The pub itself is basic with
the one large room filed with tables and chairs offering views of
the two TV’s. The game on show was Man U v Liverpool and the place
was packed with fans watching the TV and waiting for the special bus
to take them to the Majeski Stadium and Readings encounter with
Ipswich. As well as the beer, Sylvia and Lola provide fresh homemade
food at reasonable prices, including Sweeney and Todd pies. Although
difficult to find seats on first arrival, the locals made room for
us in the corner. We were able to spread out once the bus had
collected the supporters. KOC got chatting to a friendly local, DF
PC and RN found the faggit patio, Nick called in for a lager and an
enjoyable time was had by all.

Brewer         Beer                 %  Price Mark Comment
Rebellion      Mild                3.5 £2.80  3.5 Very mild beer	   
York           Guzzler             3.6 £2.80  3.5 Sweet session beer	   
Art Brew       I Brew              4.0 £2.80  3.5 Arty vanilla beer 	   
Loddon         Rin Tin Tin         4.1 £2.80  3.5	 	   
Spinning Dog   Malt and Hops       4.2 £2.80  3.5 Exactly as it says on the label 	   
Hammerpot      Red Hunter          4.3 £2.80  3.5	 	   
West Berkshire Ale Hoof            4.3 £2.80  3.5	 	   
RCH            Old Slug Porter     4.5 £2.80  3.5 Dark and malty	   
Hogs Back      HOP                 4.6 £2.80  1.5 On the way out	   
Shardlow       Six Nations Ireland 4.8 £2.80  3.5 Really quite nice	   
Rugby          No.8                5.0 £2.80   0  Gone off	   
Art Brew       Dark Brut           5.2 £2.80  1.5 Touch of vinegar
Hop Back       Entire Stout        4.5 £2.80     Not tried	 

Then it was off to Sweeney and Todd for some solid sustenance before
our final Reading pub.

Hobgoblin - Reading - RG1 2BH

Still quirky after all these years. Now always have three West
Berkshire beers on plus five guests. Seemed to have a more friendly
atmosphere than on previous visits but then we were very friendly
ourselves by then.

Brewer         Beer                %  Price Mark Comment
West Berkshire Maggs Mild         3.5 £2.70  4   Magnificent	   
West Berkshire Ale Hoof           4.3 £2.90 3.5		   
West Berkshire Dr Hexter’s Healer 5.0 £3.10 3.5	
Dark Star      Over the Moon      3.8 £3.00 3.5  Not quite stunning 
Dunham Massey  Choc Cherry Mild   3.8 £3.00  4   Yes, chocolate and cherry 	   
Wolf           Lavender Honey     3.7 £3.00  4   Made for Maz
Rebellion      Roasted Nuts       4.6 £3.40      Not tried 	 

Created on 03/17/2009 07:33 PM by drinking
Updated on 03/17/2009 07:55 PM by drinking
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