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Cricket - 18th August 2006

Sampled by

PV, ROC, KOC, DF, TM, JA and special guest Lyn


After a day of ineptitude by England’s bowlers against Pakistan in
the 4th Test and gassed up by Marston’s Smooth, we moved onto
Wandsworth to sample the delights of Young’s. The Ram brewery is due
to close in October and this would be our last chance to try the
beers whilst they were still being brewed at this historic site. The
one-way system beckoned.

Alma - 499 Old York Road - SW18 1TF

We had fond memories of this pub and on entering little seemed to
have changed since our last visit. How wrong we were. No longer an
ale pub, the majority were drinking Magners. The Ordinary was off,
the Golden Zest undrinkable and the Waggledance sour, which takes
some doing for a ‘honey’ beer. The best drink the group had was Lyn’s
white wine and soda.

Brewer  Beer         %  Price Mark Comment
Young’s Bitter      3.7            Unavailable! In a Young’s pub!
Young’s Special     4.5	           Not tried
Young’s Golden Zest 4.7	  0        Undrinkable
Young's Waggledance 5.0	 1.5       Sour honey beer?

Grapes - 39 Fairfield Street - SW18 1DX

Thank goodness for Des. The Ordinary was like nectar and you could
see why this snug boozer had been voted South West London CAMRA Pub
of the Year.

Brewer  Beer     %  Price Mark Comment
Young’s Bitter  3.7        4   Nearly as good as it gets
Young’s Special 4.5            Not tried

Brewers Inn - 147 East Hill - SW18 2QB

Largish pub, which was fairly quiet for a Friday evening. Nice
outside courtyard for summer drinking. Bitter was pretty good as was
the Golden Zest.

Brewer  Beer         %  Price Mark Comment
Young’s Bitter      3.7        3.5 Pretty good
Young’s Special     4.5            Not tried
Young’s Golden Zest 4.7        3.5 One refreshing fruit flavour

Spread Eagle - 71 High Street - Sw18 4PT

Cavernous pub opposite the brewery, all wood paneling and Edwardian
chic. Do discount jugs of bitter; four pints for the price of 3.
Which was nice. Especially for PV whose round it turned out to be.

Brewer  Beer     %  Price Mark Comment
Young’s Bitter  3.7        3   Bit flat, must be the jug dispense
Young’s Special 4.5            Not tried

Kings Arms - 96 High street - SW18 4LB

When is a Young’s pub not a Young’s pub? When it is a Covercroft,
whatever that is. Large pub with no memorable attributes apart from
an excellent pint of bitter.

Brewer  Beer     % Price Mark Comment
Young’s Bitter  3.7        4  Top form
Young’s Special 4.5           Not tried

Crane Inn - 14 Armoury Way - SW18 1EZ

Elvis is in the building. Well his impersonators invariably are.
Karaoke and beer, what more do you want on a Friday night? Must have
missed the Japanese tourists though. Recently got new landlords in.
They need to concentrate on beer quality more.

Brewer  Beer         %  Price Mark Comment
Young’s Bitter      3.7       2.5  Ugh. Enough. Lets go home
Young’s Waggledance 5.0            Not tried

Bye, bye Ram Brewery. Will it also be bye, bye Young’s beers, as we
know them?

Created on 09/03/2006 12:17 PM by drinking
Updated on 09/03/2006 12:40 PM by drinking
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