Reading Day out 24th March 2007


RN, TM, PC, KO and RO


With our leader in the colonies living the dream and drinking beer
made from rice, we decided to head for Reading.
After a stop in the pound shop (Tel has joined a coffee club, don't
ask?) One thing of note is the new microbrewery on Bridge Street
alas, not open yet, another day will have to be planned.
The prices in the Hop Leaf are very good, Tel did not mind spending
£2.40 for a pint of Summer Lightning still 20p cheaper than an IPA in

Hop Leaf

Brewery   Beer              %  Price 
Hop Back  GFB              3.5 £1.95 
Hop Back  Odyssey          4.0 £2.15 
Hop Back  Summer Lightning 4.2 £2.40 
Hop Back  Crop Circle      4.2 £2.25 
Hop Back  Summer Lightning 5.0 £2.35 
Hop Back  Entire Stout     4.5 £2.30 
Chimera   Quadhop          3.9 £2.10


Brewery        Beer                %  Price 
West Berkshire Grist to the Mill  4.1 £2.60


No pies and we only had time for a quick pint and then back on the
train, KO went off to watch the football (what a waste),Ron went for
his tea and PC. TM and ROC went up the Garden Gate. Not sure what was
going on there, seems to have been a quite afternoon and Nick and DF
were  amusing themselve.