Hale Carmival Beer Tent - 7th July 2007 - SU 842 489




Once again, Mike from B&T Brewery provided the beers and was running
the beer tent at Hale Fete and Carnival. This year there were eleven
beers to choose from, most of which were of the gold summer type but
he did bring one dark mild along to annoy the boy drinkers and the
delicious RCH East Street Cream to finish off. Mike did not even mess
around with his beers, which were exactly what they were billed as.
Made a change!
Given the appalling weather so far this summer the fete organisers
were blessed with a glorious warm and sunny day and the bumper crowd
arrived earlier than normal. Just as well Ray got to the Hale WI cake
stall first as they sold quickly. Maz was pleased with the result as
they made £100 for their coffers.
Moving our table a little closer to the beer tent each round
eventually found us in the shade and just 10 feet away from the bar.
A very enjoyable afternoon was rounded off by a visit to Paul’s,
where Nick was waiting, for some tasters of Corsendonk Agnes (7.5%),
Kwak (8%), Duvel (8.5%) and Westmalle Tripel (9.5%), which really did
finish us off.

Brewery      Beer               %
B&T Brewery  Midsummer Ale     3.5
B&T Brewery  Black Dragon Mild 4.3
B&T Brewery  Glider            4.8
Bateman’s    Miss Luscious     4.3
Crouch Vale  Brewer’s Gold     4.0
Great Oakley Gobble            4.5
Mighty Oak   Court Short       3.8
RCH Brewery  East Street Cream 5.0
White Horse  Village Idiot     4.1
Wold Top     Bitter            3.7
York         Guzzler           3.6