15th August 2007

Sampled by

KO, TM and FN
MG had a puncture so went home an met the others at the White Lion.
RO still on holiday but managed to make it down the White Lion.

We all missed the rain showers which were very heavy at times, yes a
normal English summer.

Lion Brewery

Brewery      Beer  %  Price Mark Comment
Ringwood     Best 3.8 £2.80 2.5  Only choice
London Pride Best                Just run out

Dover Arms

Brewer Beer        %  Price Mark Comment
Slaters Queen Bee 4.2 £2.70 3.5
Black Sheep                      Off

The White Lion

Brewer          Brew                  %  Price Mark Comment
fff             Pressed Rat          3.8 £2.30
fff             Moondance            4.2 £2.40
fff             Alton Pride          3.8 £2.30
WJ King Five    Generations          4.4 
Isle of Purbeck Studland Bay Wrecked 4.3 £2.40