14th May 2008

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PV’s birthday drink did not get off to a good start; he had a
puncture on the way home from work. But at least he had plenty of
time to fix it before setting off for The Windmill.
We had arranged to meet GM at The King Alfred but this pub had
recently closed (to become a Thai restaurant) and the venue was
quickly changed to The Bat and Ball.

Windmill - Ewshot - SU 817 500

Little has changed in this pub over the years we have been visiting;
including the pricing policy as it remains one of the dearest places
locally. Not only that, we had to put up with Glasgow Rangers failed
attempt to win the UEFA Cup on the loud TV above our heads. Beers not
bad though.

Brewer  Beer             %  Price Mark Comment
Flowers IPA             3.6 £3.10  3   Not quite as flavorsome
Flowers Original Bitter 4.3 £3.10 3.5  Quite flavorsome
Wells   Bombardier      4.3 £3.10      Not tried 

Ball & Wicket - Upper Hale - SU 842 490

The problem with the Farnham Brewery beers seems to be consistency.
On the previous day both the Sumner and Cobbett had been in perfectly
good condition. One day latter and the Sumner tasted moldy and the
Hawthorn was cloudy but eventually changed. Our enjoyment was not
helped by the surly barman. Good prices though.

Brewer  Beer             %  Price Mark Comment
Farnham Bishop Sumner   3.8 £2.50  2   Moldy old taste
Farnham William Cobbett 4.3 £2.60 3.5  By far the best condition
Farnham Mike Hawthorn   5.3 £2.70  3   Acceptable when changed 

Royal Arms - Heath End - SU 849 497

The landlord, JP, had just bought a stock of inflatables from a
company going bust and the more energetic customers were trying them
out in the garden. JP has been in the pub two and a half years now
and is still enjoying the trade. After taking on board some of the
suggestions made after his first beer festival he will be holding
another latter in the year. All the beers tried were in good
condition, particularly the Breakspear Oxford Gold.

Brewer     Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Courage    Best         4.0 £2.60  3 
Breakspear Oxford Gold  4.0 £2.70  4   Very refreshing
Wychwood   Hobgoblin    4.5 £2.80 3.5  We are not afraid 
Theakston  Old Peculiar 5.6 £2.90 3.5  And we are 
Ringwood   Old Thumper  5.6 £2.90      Nor tried 

Whist PV and FN remained to try out the stronger beers, the rest
headed off to The Garden Gate and a date with IPA.