1st October 2008

Sampled by


Shepherd & Flock - Farnham - SU 854 474

The final bike ride of the summer and we choose one of our favourite
pubs to start from. The beer range was curtailed by the absence of
the Triple fff Moondance, which had just finished. A cider also
occupied one pump but this was the last barrel of that until next
summer and will be replaced by beer during the winter months. A
Hidden Pint was on the agenda and initial tastes brought forth the
use of ‘twangy’ for the first time this year. Further imbibing
moderated the verdict but it was still not a patch on the two
Stonehenge beers on offer. The Eye-Opener was indeed that but this
was even surpassed by the Danish Dynamite, a truly smooth explosion
in the mouth.

Brewer     Beer             %  Price Mark Comment
Hidden     Pint            3.8 £2.80  3   Grew on you
Hogs Back  TEA             4.2 £2.80      Not tried
Stonehenge Eye-Opener      4.5 £3.00 3.5  Nice 
Stonehenge Danish Dynamite 5.0 £3.00 3.5  Even nicer 
Ringwood   Old Thumper     5.0 £3.00      Not tried 

We then stopped by the recently renamed Heron Hotel but after the
initial optimism of the barmaid that they had some real ale
available, were told they in fact did not. Never mind, better luck
next year.

White Lion - Aldershot - SU 878 499

After being disappointed at The Heron we made an unscheduled stop
at ‘The White’. There the one brave sole who decided to try the
usually excellent mild but was shocked to find the Pressed did taste
somewhat ratty. The Alton’s Pride was its usual excellent self but
even this was outshone by the guest beer from Dorset. The Isle of
Purbeck Fossil Fuel was a real stunner.

Brewer          Beer           %  Price Mark Comment
Triple fff      Pressed Rat   3.8 £2.40 1.5  Really poor
Triple fff      Alton’s Pride 3.8 £2.40 3.5  Really good
Triple fff      Moondance     4.2 £2.60      Not tried 
Isle of Purbeck Fossil Fuel   4.1 £2.70 3.5  Really, really good 

Garden Gate - Aldershot - SU 865 500

Cally was on a girl’s night out and was replaced by Grisly Adams
behind the bar. He turned out to be Cally’s dad, who was really
called Dave Grisly Adams. Very nice chap he was too.

Brewer      Beer             %  Price Mark Comment
Greene King IPA             3.7 £2.70 3.5  Misnamed
Greene King Bonkers Conkers 4.5 £2.80 3.5  Humorously named
Greene King Abbot           5.0 £2.90 3.5  Reverentially named