Dundridge, SO32 1GD

Saturday 1 August 2009

It was just ordained that TC would not to get to the Bowman beer festival this year. Initially down for the weekend of 10/11/12 July, he had two visits planed; with the usual crowd on the Friday evening and with us on the Saturday afternoon. That was until the landlady forgot to get the music licence and the festival was postponed until the end of the month, when TC was already booked to visit mother-in-law. A request to swap weekends by a relative suddenly meant the Bowman was back in the frame. Until he got Swine Flu that is!

Still with MV wanting to visit nearby Bishops Waltham, PV still made it to the festival, arriving shortly after midday. The dismal weather seemed to have put many people off making their way down the country lane and there was plenty of room available inside the pub. Which was where PV and MV meet up with Vivien and Simon.

There were thirteen beers on in the beer tent and a further four Bowman beers on in the pub. There were a few untapped casks waiting to replace beers as they sold out. The O’Hanlon’s Goldblade had been tapped but was not being served as it had ‘failed to clear’. That was until the old gent with the gnarled nose pointed out that it was a wheat beer and meant to be cloudy! A relived barman was then quite happy to dispense a few free tasters.

All the beers were £3.00 a pint and in very good condition. Indeed MV professed the Bowman Eldorado to be the best she had tried outside the brewery and PV was well pleased with the Goldblade. He was less pleased with the Scottish beer.


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