Date: 1 September 2010 Quiz Night

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We had left this visit a bit late this year and both the ride to and from the pub were in the dark. This caused KOC some problem as he hit a rather large pothole. Surprisingly, not on the tracks and bridleways but on the road through the village.
Intending this year to visit ‘the other’ Wood Street pub – The White Hart – we were disappointed to find it had closed down.

PubLocationOS Map RefRoyal Oak Wood Street Village GU3 3DA CommentQuiz night was in full swing when we arrived but we managed to squeeze in next to the Three Amigo’s. Unfortunately we were unable to help much and failed them completely on the Latin question – where was TM when you need him? Still with our own postman present we had the specialist knowledge needed to know the registration of Pat’s van. At the end of the quiz we found that one of our new amigos was the barman’s mother while another was the quizmaster’s wife, or was that one and the same person.
Moorhouse’s Black Cat Mild 3.4 £3.10 4.0 Lovely and black
Sharp’s Cornish Coaster 3.8 £3.20 4.0 Stunning
Young’s Gold 4.0 £3.20 4.0 Refreshing
Surrey Hills Shere Drop 4.2 £3.20 4.0 -
Palmers Tally Ho! 5.5 £3.30 4.0 -
Slater’s Top Totty 4.0 £3.20 4.0 And she was

By the time we got to Wanborough

We were four people strong

Then KOC hit a pothole…….

So we parked our bikes in the beer garden