Date: 2 June 2010 Pre-Holiday drink

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As the boys had their summer holidays starting the next day and PC available (but no bike) a train station was required. The Cobbett was the chosen starting place but guess where we started in the Lamb. No blame culture but the finger was pointed at KO off PCís Teflon shoulders. Not a good start when PC chose my first beer! So we settled down for a few beers and wondered when RN would turn up. He did and only managed a pint for all his efforts. Back along the river for me and the road for the rest, with a halt at the running Stream but the full selection of Greene King and even the Land Lord with a roving mike and our old mates from the quiz evening could not tempt us in.

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The Lamb Farnham
Not a lot going on. The barmaid did not seem to know a great deal about the beer that was on. Did not have the Kentís Best, too strong a beer taste and dry so our man said.
Shepherd and Neame Early Bird 4.5 3.20 3.5 Very smooth and spicy.
Shepherd and Neame Kentís Best 4.1 3.20 2.0 Rest never got a chance to agree
Shepherd and Neame 4-4-2 4.0 3.20 3.5 Pale and full bodied did not notice the 10 different types of hop

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The William Cobbett Farnham
A normal young clientele and they seemed to drift in younger by the minute. Service was not up too much as the Tripple fff Hallelujah had to go back first pint clear the next two were like soup. The argument was that it had just been put on? Also the London Pride did not look good and had to go back. Luck had it that I ordered the Invincible and this and the Hop were very nice.
Fullers London Pride - 3.10 0 Slightly off
Courage Best - 3.10 - N/A
Hogs Back Hop 4.6 3.10 3.0 -
Triple fff Hallelujah 4.5 3.10 0 Mud
Irving Invincible 4.6 3.10 3.5 A surprise

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The Duke of York Aldershot
A couple of couples in the back bar and a few in the front. I was offered a taster of the posh Pouch, drinkable but on attempting to get a pint out proved too cloudy and again we did not want to try it. Was it due to the climate, Bermuda Triangle or just us? With a choice of GK IPA or London Pride we of course went for the Pride. A bit of a mistake as it was not on form and we all agreed on that.
Ascot Ales Posh Pooch 4.2 3.20 0 Cloudy
Greene King IPA - - - Didnít bother
Fullers London Pride 3.20 2.0 - -