Date: 4 August 2010 Look no pipes or Brewery under the Princess

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Barley Mow The Sands GU10 1NE
As normal on a Wednesday this pub has only a few punters in the bar but a good few in the restaurant and the menu on the board looked good and FN was thinking about the Barramundi that was on offer, maybe from the gravel pits down the road.
Timothy Tailor Landlord 4.3 3.25 - -
Fullers London Pride 4.1 3.20 - -
Harvey’s Sussex Best 4.0 3.25 - -

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Princess Royal Lodge Farnham GU10 1NX
Shame it was not a warm sunny evening as they have expanded out into the front car park in a big way. FN went for the HSB but to be told it was off, so he went for a London. The barman duly poured a pint and on ordering two more he vanished down into the cellar as he went we shouted make it three, FN did not fancy the last one out of the barrel. KO was on a road of discovery as normal.
Fullers Discovery 3.9 3.25 3 -
Fullers HSB 4.8 3.30 - Off
Fullers Chiswick 3.5 3.15 - Not tried
Fullers London Pride 4.1 3.20 3 Good pint

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The Shepherd & Flock Farnham GU9 9JB
Not much interest in cycling this evening so we settled in for a couple and as normal the good Shepherd looked after us We could have done with our man being there to inform us on the Double Drop Brewing method and he could have explained to KO what cottaging mean as the Panther was very nice. I thought I had missed the full selection of beer that was on, but no the ink had run out and a new pen was started. The talk was of trouble with lights back and front, beer at the Eight Bells was not up to much on the Saturday before, I may be gone some time and thoughts on Camping (must be KO again).
Flack Manor Double Drop 3.7 3.20 3.5 Very drinkable
Cottage Brewing The Panther 4.7 3.20 3.5 Very good
Young’s Bitter 3.7 3.20 3.0 -
Young’s Special 4.5 3.30 3.0 -
Fuller’s London Pride 4.1 3.30 - Not Tried
Marston’s Old Empire 5.7 3.30 - Not Tried
Alton’s fff Alton’s Pride 3.8 3.20 - Not Tried