Date: 14 July 2010 Rain Dodging

Sampled by:

PV, FN, KOC, TM, ROC and cycle guest SH

We were lucky and avoided the rain until time to go home. Even then, the rain was refreshing rather than annoying. KOC displayed a lamentable lack of bike handling skills but his recovery from the ground was quick and remarkable to watch.

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Fox Lower Bourne GU10 3PH
The pub car park seems a favourite base for cyclists and with those and the diners the pub rated busy on the KOC scale. The food was recommended by those we spoke to – mainly the bar staff, who admitted they might be biased. They were also friendly and happily chatted, although that may have been because one was trapped the wrong side of the cellar door. The cellar is apparently massive, it is just a shame it is not available for a better range of beers. Many choose the Tom Woods. FN was the lucky round buyer.
Greene King IPA 3.7 £3.00 3.0 Almost GG standard
Greene King Back of the Net 4.3 £3.25 3.0 Flavoured with a lemon tree
Greene King Abbot 5.0 £3.25 - Not tried, even by FN
Tom Woods Bomber Country 4.8 £2.50 3.0 Enjoyed

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Bat and Ball Boundstone GU10 4SA
Wednesday must be the ‘girl’s night out’ as there were numerous little groups dotted about the pub. Katy, the barmaid, made every effort to cheer up the male cliental with a nice short denim skirt – but did it really need holes in it as well. Yes of course it did! The beers were generally in good nick with only the last dregs from the Odyssey barrel letting the quality down. The Hammerpot HPA was absolutely stunning – the further you got down the pint the higher the mark got.
Youngs Bitter 3.8 £2.75 3.5 Good session
Hop Back Odyssey 4.o £3.10 2.5 End of barrel job
Hammerpot HPA 4.2 £2.75 4.5 Absolutely stonking
Hogs Back TEA 4.2 £2.95 - Not tried
Ballards Best 4.2 £2.75 3.5 -
Itchin Valley Winchester Ale 4.2 £2.65 3.5 Even the IV was good!

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Sandrock Boundstone GU10 4NS
Carol reported the pub had been busy with diners but by the time we arrived these had gone and there were just a few drinkers left. According to SH the ‘Rock’s ex-regulars were spotted earlier in the Ball. It soon became clear why – the rounds at the Bat & Ball had come to around £17 whereas the rounds at the Sandrock were over £20. Still, all the beers were in good condition and, again, the barmaid had made an effort to cheer us up. No holey skirt this time – just sprayed on lycra jeans.
Caledonian Deuchars IPA 3.8 £3.30 3.5 SH thought it was the ‘tops’
Sharp’s Cornish Coaster 3.6 £3.30 3.5 Full of flavour
Fuller’s London Pride 4.1 £3.40 - Not tried
Timothy Taylor Landlord 4.3 £3.90 3.5 Not sparkled enough for TM
Hop Back Summer Lightning 5.0 £3.50 3.5 Still the one?