Date: 15 July 2009 - Super-van-man Returns

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PV, FN, RN, KOC & TM driven by MG. ROC by bike.

Albeit sometime after the equinox, with the return of MG from his holiday we were able to embark on the ĎLongest Day Cycle Rideí.
The van occupants, as last year, managed a swift one in The Bell at Odiham before meeting ROC at Long Sutton. As well as the lone bicyclist, a couple of the motorized type had also journeyed out to join us. Vince and Val turned up on their latest bike, a Kawasaki something, whilst KOCís boss, Matt was giving his Ducati an airing. Really quite a crowd of us, which cheered up Tony and Val considerably.

PubLocationOS Map RefBell Odiham RG29 1LY CommentIt is a Mengo adage that no matter what pub you go to in Aldershot, someone there will recognize KOC. What we did not know was this also applied to Odiham but it turned out to be the case when the barman greeted KOC like the long lost friend he was.
Wadworth Horizon 4.0 £2.85 3.5 Pale and refreshing
Andwells King John 4.2 £2.85 3 Bit twangy (not again)
Courage Best 4.0 £2.80 - Not tried

PubLocationOS Map Ref
Four Horseshoes Long Sutton RG29 1TA
With Tony and Val still there (they have taken the pub off the market) little had changed in this welcoming and comfortable pub next to Lord Wandsworth College. There was a group of the staff enjoying a drink and a table of six had just finished sampling Tonyís home cooked fare. What with Mengo and guests it was quite busy and it all proved too much for one of the chairs, which collapsed under the owner of the Rolls Royce. Still, he was a big bloke.
Cottage Summer Conquest 4.0 £3.00 4 Light and a bit (banned word).
Ascot Ales Posh Pooch 4.2 £3.10 4 Best example yet
Palmers 200 5.0 £3.20 4 Slightly sweet

PubLocationOS Map Ref
Chequers Well RG29 1TL
Seems to have changed hands again as the Eastern European bar staff have been replaced by a more local variety. However, the pub is still popular and we adjourned to the outside to find enough seating. There was some confusion over the number of beers had and despite a recount by the manager RN still got away with paying for five instead of six. The beers were in good nick, if a trifle too chilled.
Hall & Woodhouse Badger 4.0 £3.00 3.5 -
Hall & woodhouse Lemony Cricket 4.4 £3.30 3.5 Slight lemon taste
Hall & Woodhouse Tanglefoot 4.9 £3.20 - Not tried

PubLocationOS Map Ref
Hop Blossom Farnham GU9 7HX
The Irish eyes were smiling when we arrived and everyone appreciated the efforts the barmaids had put in to enliven our visit. A cyclist herself, Hannie was particularly interested in our evenings tour but even ROCís effort paled into insignificance when she told us of her impending tandem trip round the New Forest. Forty miles a day on the back seat of Hannieís tandem; now thatís an eye watering thought.
Fullerís Chiswick 3.5 £2.95 3.5 -
Fullerís London Pride 4.1 £3.25 3.5 -
Fullerís ESB 5.5 £3.55 3.5
Fyne Ales Piperís Gold 3.8 £3.25 3.5 Good light session beer