Date: 17 June 2009 - Cloud Gazing Again

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This report could have been titled ‘This Years New Venue’ or even ‘Mengo Meets Mrs. Morris’ but with the spectacular weather front seen on our way back to the station it just had to be Cloud Gazing Again.
Still, that is getting somewhat previous and starting from the beginning; suffice to say we left Aldershot in a bit of a stink which continued onto the Guildford bound train. The ride from Wanborough station along the footpaths and through the woods was easy going and it took about a quarter of an hour to reach the pub where we were greeted, not just by one, but two female Morris troupes gathered outside. Although this meant we had to put up with someone banging the drum all evening it also meant the interior of the pub had plenty of room.
Even though it was dark when we left, the paths were so good and clearly defined, we used the same route back to the station and arrived with time to do some serious cloud discussion before the train whisked us back to Aldershot and The Garden Gate.

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Royal Oak Wood Street Village GU3 3DA
This single bar pub is a bit of a throwback to the sort of boozers frequented by our dads. The seating is uncompromising on the rear, the Gents are outside, the dartboard is accessible and real ale outsells lager. If you wanted the more recent incarnation of the refurbished restaurant/pub you need to go down the road to The White Hart. After the comments by the landlord and locals, we didn’t bother. All the beers tried were in excellent nick but perhaps the most outstanding beer of the evening was the Goddards Ale of Wight.
Cotleigh Nutcracker 3.4 £3.00 4 A Frank opener
Goddards Ale of Wight 3.7 £3.10 4 Pale stunner
Hammerpot White Wing 4.0 £3.10 4 A bit ‘banned word’ for Tel 
Surrey Hills Shere Drop 4.2 £3.10 4 Tel was surprised by the taste 
Marston’s Pedigree 4.5 £3.20 4 More flowery than remembered 
Courage Best 4.1 £3.00 - Not tried 

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Garden Gate Aldershot GU11 3BT
The usual crowd was enjoying their usual pleasant Wednesday evening drink. KOC fulfilled his destiny and called the man Mark, when he isn’t. The rumor going round is that Cally is hoping to hold a beer festival. Let us hope this turns into reality. The Greene King IPA was not quite up to its best but the latest company offering, Dallaglio’s Heroes was surprisingly enjoyable.
Greene King IPA 3.6 £2.80 3 Not quite
Greene King Abbot - £3.10 - Not tried, even by Frank
Greene King Dallaglio’s Heroes 4.2 £3.00 3.5 One of their better ones