Date: 19 May 2009 - Cloud Gazing

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With the Hogs Back Brewery Shop shutting at 8.30, an early start was called for and we all met at the brewery around 8.00. It was very pleasant spring evening and we soon settled down on the benches outside (provided for tour visitors) to enjoy a few beers and gaze at the clouds.
TM had been to Bradford during the week for the inauguration of the new Mayor; Councilor J D Godward. We were all a bit mystified why TM would want to go to such an event until he eventually mentioned the mayor was old friend of his. Having specially purchased a suit for the occasion, TM was true to form and managed to leave it at home!

PubLocationOS Map RefHogs Back Brewery Shop Tongham GU10 1DE CommentAlthough probably not intended for use as a pub, the brewery shop does provide a fine opportunity for trying the Hogs Back beers in what should be tip-top condition. The beers tried did not disappoint and were indeed very refreshing. If you decide to try the experience, donít forget to bring some glasses. As usual for a Wednesday evening, a brewery tour was ongoing. This time it was a group from The Prince of Wales at Farnborough, including one of the barmaids who Peter had brought along for everyoneís enjoyment.
Hogs Back Dark Mild 3.4 - - Rare but untried!
Hogs Back Spring Ale 4.0 £1.77 4 Light tasting and refreshing
Hogs Back HBB 3.7 - - Not tried†
Hogs Back TEA 4.2 £1.82 4 Top form†
Hogs Back Hop Garden Gold 4.6 £1.92 4 Exceptionally nice†

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White Hart Tongham GU10 1DH
Alison and Kevin have turned this public house into a very good village local. It is just a shame that more of the locals donít make use of this community asset. The guest beer range had changed completely since the weekend, which meant the Hogs Back Dark Mild had already gone. Also, to ROCís chagrin, the Triple fff Apache Rose Peacock had yet to arrive. However, we soon forgot these little disappointments as the beers available, particularly those from Pilgrim, were very good.
Pilgrim Moild 3.8 £2.95 3.5 Surprised Frank
Pilgrim Gold Spice 4.3 £3.10 3.5 Got some sort of spice said Tel
Cottage Crackaway Jack 4.0 £3.10 3.5 The brewers name is Jack and he cracks one away (FN)†
Triple fff Stairway to the Hart 4.2 £3.10 3.5 Blended Altonís and Stairway†
Adnams Broadside 4.7 £3.25 - Not tried†

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White Lion Aldershot GU12 4EA
The old style jukebox was in full voice and the place was buzzing. The Pressed Rat was discounted to £2.00, probably because it was a little tired. The Altonís was also lackluster until the fresh barrel was put on.
Triple fff Pressed Rat 3.8 £2.00 3 Tired
Triple fff Altonís Pride 3.8 £2.60 3 New barrel 3.5
Triple fff Moondance 4.2 £2.80 3 Or 3.5 if KO could decide†
Triple fff Stairway 4.6 £2.90 3 - †
Cottage Crackaway Jack 4.0 £2.90 - Not tried†

Then up the Garden Gate for a beer to far.