Date: 23 September 2009 - West End 'Girls' Grannies

With the nights drawing in and some of Mengo losing the desire to cycle any distance, it was decided to start in the West End and go in search of the Pet Shop Boys elusive quarry.

PubLocationOS Map RefImperial Standard Aldershot GU11 3PL CommentThe barmaid had a bit of trouble with the TV whereas Mengo had a bit of trouble with the placement of their bikes. Normal service was soon resumed with a Man U sending off. PV wished he could have done the same with his Courage Best but the rest seemed to quite like it. There is no accounting for some tastes.
Courage Best 4.0 £2.70 2 No worse than average

The smokers were out on the elevated deck and gave us the usual West End parting comments.

PubLocationOS Map RefCrimea Aldershot GU11 1UE CommentAlthough clean and tidy, this décor in the pub is now looking a bit tired. Still we should just be glad it remains an ordinary pub and has not been ‘refurbished’ and some sort of trendy theme applied. Just a few punters about, including the mandatory drunk who might have known KOC at some time in the past. The beer was average.
Wadworth 6X 4.3 £2.70 2.5 OK
Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5 £2.70 2.5 OK

Then off to The Red to meet MG as arranged.

PubLocationOS Map RefRed Lion Aldershot GU12 4EZ CommentMG had recommended a visit as the last time he called in they had a very nice Archers beer on. No such luck for Mengo, only Doom Bar, Bombardier and Pride on display as we entered. KOC selected the Fuller’s but this turned out to have run out. The surly barman did not welcome an enquiry into what might replace it but another barrel of Pride was found. But this was too late for Mengo and we just had the one pint and moved on. The beer tried was average but the prices were not, at £3.20 a pint the East End drinkers must have more money than sense. MG must have known; he never bothered to turn up.
Sharp’s Doom Bar 4.5 £3.20 2.5 Oh so average
Wells Bombardier 4.3 £3.20 2.5 Oh so average

PubLocationOS Map Ref
Garden Gate Aldershot GU11 3BT
Home at last. It may be your ubiquitous Greene King pub but at least the beer keeping is above average. Grizzly Adams aka Dave kept us in check and we enjoyed a few pints, some us even trying the latest guest; Davenports Highland Whisky Ale. Not the best beer we have ever had.
Greene King IPA 3.7 £2.80 3.5 Above average
Greene King Abbot 5.0 £3.10 Not tried
Davenports Highland Whisky 4.4 £3.00 3 Um