Date: 25 August 2010 Rainy Drive Dream Time

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The intrepid trio set off for our furthest Wednesday bike ride pub in a monsoon. Undeterred by the flooding on the Long Road between Odiham and Long Sutton they struggled on and eventually found the oasis of the Four Horseshoes. After sampling the beers on offer they made the return along the Ridgeway; the empty, pitch black narrow lanes lashed with rain imparting the feeling they were the middle of one of those B movie horrors – a rather surreal experience.

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Bell Odiham RG29 1LY
Sue, the landlady didn’t think there would be many out this evening, and going by the lack of customers, she was not wrong. Tied to Admiral Taverns, the beers are sourced from their SIBA list, which this visit provided a couple of tasty guests. With the lack of custom, Sue was happy to chat about the age of the pub (over 500 years) and its possible earlier use as a coaching inn. ROC, who had never made it this far before, was rather taken by the pub.
McMullen Country Bitter 4.3 £3.05 3.5 Rather enjoyable
St. Austell Tribute 4.2 £3.05 3.5 As was this
Courage Best 4.0 £3.00 - Not tried

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Four Horseshoes Long Sutton RG29 1TA
In anticipation of the SHB Camra social due this evening, Tony had got some extra beers in – two from Palmers on a separate little stillage behind the bar – in addition to the three on hand pump. No doubt due to the inclement weather, not many had come to the social but at least one car load had managed it. Quintin was especially happy to have made it; one of the Palmers was the deliciously dark and strong Tally Ho! – served from a perfectly formed little pin. All the beers tried were in excellent condition.
Andwell King John 4.2 £3.20 3.5 Good starter
Itchin Valley Wykehams Glory 4.3 £3.20 3.5 Had that Hampshire taste
Hogs Back TEA 4.2 £3.20 - Not tried
Palmers Dorset Gold 4.5 £3.20 3.5 Lovely and smooth
Palmers Tally Ho! 5.5 £3.20 3.5 Dark and delicious

Then it was time for KOC to drop off the car (O bugger, didn’t mean to mention the car) so that he could have a few beers up the GG.