Date: 29 July 2009 - Rear View Mirror


With FN on holiday and RN on a sick note, we supplemented numbers by calling in on SH and seeing if he wanted to come out for a few beers. He did.
KOC had his new helmet with its built in mirrors providing views of the road behind. Lets hope he remembers to also look where he is going or it might prove to be a painful piece of technology.
Heavy rain was forecast for early evening but with no sign of it at the start two decided against protection and managed to get to the Bat and Ball dry. The rain did arrive whilst in the pub but had stopped by the time we moved on to The Sandrock. Who are the lucky boys then?
ROC was a little late in arriving. He had managed to take a wrong turn again.

PubLocationOS Map RefBat and Ball Boundstone CommentThe pub has been much extended since the days in the 1970’s when we first visited to sample the Marston’s Owd Roger, which the landlord would only serve in half pints; you just had to have two! They have built an extension on the front of the building and then added a large covered patio to that. The pub has a good reputation for food and is very popular despite the out of the way location. It was no different on our visit and was one of the busiest places we have been on a Wednesday evening. Must be packed at the weekends.
Young’s Bitter 3.7 £2.65 4 Best sample this year
Harveys Sussex Bitter 4.0 £3.00 4 -
Itchin Valley Winchester Ale 4.2 £2.60 3 Not so favorite Hampshire taste
Suthwyck Skew Sunshine 4.6 £2.75 3.5 SH’s favorite
Andwells Resolute 3.8 £2.70 3.5 Not as liked as Gold Muddler
Ballard’s Best Bitter 4.2 £2.80 3.5 Bit woody for Tel

PubLocationOS Map Ref
Sandrock Boundstone GU10 4NS
This pub has up to eight real ales on and keeps them in excellent condition. Why is it then you still feel a little disappointed when you first get in and cast your eyes along the pump clips? No doubt it is because nowadays there is little likelihood of getting a Black Country beer. This is, of course, not the attitude to take; instead we should just rejoice in the selection available.
Hogs Back TEA 4.2 £3.20 3.5 -
Exmoor Gold 4.5 £3.20 4 Scrumptious
Breakspear Oxford Gold 4.0 £3.20 4 Slightly sharp after Exmoor
Hogs Back Hop Garden Gold 4.6 £3.20 3.5 The premium Hogs Back beer
Hop Back Summer Lightning 5.0 £3.20 4 The premium Hop Back beer
Hook Norton Old Hooky 4.5 £3.20 3.5 For the dark amongst us

It says a lot for Boundstone that we only needed to visit two pubs to get a terrific selection of well-kept beers. Lucky buggers.