Date: 5 August 2009 - A nice bench

Sampled by:

ROC, RN, KOC, TM & MG (in a van)

Yes no PV so back to a classic route (good one Tel). 2R’s just after eight and 15 minutes past by Tel’ watch and the real time 17 minutes by Ron’s. The 2 late ones did stop off at Ron’s to see if he was coming out to play but he had already gone.

PubLocationOS Map RefHogs Back Brewery Tongham GU10 1DE CommentNo beer tour on tonight and we were warned that they would be closing early and they did 08:45 come very quickly in fact it was 3 pints worth. They shut the gate after us and we cycled as far the next Bench. So a first for the Mengo team and as we still had 3 pints to turn into water we watched the full moon rise (very nice as the theme this year seemed to be sky watching) and the passing traffic as it slowed for the traffic calming situated just in front of us. The main thought was about any strange Tongham bylaws that prohibited drinking in public.
Hogs BAck Summer Ale 4.2 - 3 Very nice
Hogs Back Hop Golden Ale 3.6 - 3.5 No problems

PubLocationOS Map Ref
The White Heart Tongham GU10 1DH
As usual a busy pub, bikers on the benches in the front all very friendly. MG turned up in his van for a Shandy (he gave it a 3).. A quick pint and off we had enough of Hogs Back and the Gales and a mild could not tempt us to stay.
Gales HSB 4.5 £3.25 - Not Tried
Theakstons Traditional Mild 3.5 £2,95 - No mild men around
Hogs Back TEA 4.2 £3.10 3 -
Hogs Back Hop 4.6 £3.25 - Not Tried
Otter Bitter 3.6 £2.80 3.5 Good price and a good beer

PubLocationOS Map Ref
The White Lion Aldershot GU12 4EA
Juke box going birthday party in full swing, walkers drinking on one table and a couple of blokes at the bar so a very strange mix of people. The beers though are on top form and the Alton was very good. They did not seem to have a guest on? But Stairway at £2.00 can’t go wrong there. And yes the Prince of Wales closed last night
FFF Pressed Rat and Wart Hog 3.8 £2.70 - -
FFF Alton Pride 3.8 £2.70 - -
FFF Moon Dance 4.2 £2.90 - -
FFF Stairway 4.6 £2.00 - -

As I had a few beers the day before at the GGBF and yes I was called a light-weight.